Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Uh Oh!!!!…I’m behind already!…

I am happy to report that the bulk of my wrapping is done…I have a condensed list of a dozen or so incidental items still to buy…cards almost done ready to post & only the fresh foods to pick up last minute…BUT….my JYC has ground to a halt since day 11!

The house is clean…but…the boys bedrooms still need a pre-Christmas blitz & my scrap room tidying to serve it’s second function as a guest bedroom for Mum-in-Law when she arrives on the 22nd. But, other than that, pretty much everything is under control, so I am hoping that those few pages will be caught up & then some very soon!!

After work on Sunday, Amanda & I headed off to see ‘Nativity….. Nativityresize 
This is an absolute must see…it is FABULOUS!!! It is just so natural & it could have been my boys Lower school! The children are adorable, the whole cast is inspired..OK..there are things that happen that just wouldn’t, but…it is laugh out loud funny & very moving! I had to make a quick exit at the end though, as the credits role to a choir boy singing ‘Silent Night’.  This was my Mums favourite carol & EVERY time I hear it I cry!  Christmas can be a very tearful time for me!!!

You may remember that I had Alex off school last week with a cold & ulcerated throat….well, by the time I got to bed on Friday I had a hot throat & I woke on Saturday morning to a streaming cold!!! Oh joy!!! I haven’t felt unwell, but my nose has been running non-stop ever since & this morning my voice was gone completely! But, in spite of  the amount of lozenges & Lemsips I’ve had, all of which are sugar laden, I weighed in with a 2lb loss this week at Slimming World!
So I’m still on track to hit my stone mark before 2010…had hoped for Christmas, but I think a 3 1/2lb loss this week might be optimistic!!

So…anyone else out there falling behind? I hope to be able to bring things back up to date very soon….meanwhile…10 more sleeps to go!!


karen said...

Nope,I am on track.Call me Miss perfect.xx

Anna said...

Hope you feel better soon :)

I have so much left to do that I scarcely know where to start! Presents to buy, cards to write ... I really must make a list or I'll be forgetting something crucial
Thanks for your comment on my last blog post. Yes, a digital LO but not created for a music challenge. Simply because it's a song I always associate with my father.
And (this is turning into an essay! :D) I REALLY wanted to see Nativity at the weekend but we didn't go because F. didn't fancy it!! Should've gone and just left him behind ...

Jocelyn said...

Oh Sandi...I am sooooo in trouble...I don't which way to turn!!!! I am not feeling well....this may be the reason!!!

So sorry about the cold...YUCKY!!!! You are so ahead of me!!!!

Love ya sweet friend!!!

humel said...

Get well soon xx

I'm up to date with my JYC, but I have a mountain of Christmas cards to write and the last posting date for 2nd class is Friday so I need to get on with it!! Think perhaps prioritising JYC might have to change if I want Christmas to happen to be able to Journal it....!