Thursday, 17 December 2009

SNOW!…and at last…day 12!!…

After braving the sub-zero temperatures to do the school run, I came home to wrap the last few bits & bobs I bought yesterday! I had heard that snow was due so went into town with my final condensed shopping list, just in case we were snowed in this morning! 

We did have a flurry first thing, which didn’t settle, & it is now falling more thickly & the sky looks heavy…we will have to see what happens! I am out with the girls for supper tonight, so hope we will be OK to get home afterwards!! Nathan has gone on a school trip to the ‘Cinderella’ pantomime in Dunstable today, so I hope the roads will be clear long enough for them to get back on time!

Last night I wrote the last of the cards, which have now been posted & then turned my attention to catching up on the JYC backlog! So…let me take you back in time to December 12!!! The prompt was for Christmas Past & I interpreted that as the nostalgia I feel for the Christmases of my childhood & teens…. JYCday12resize….each tag holds a memory & they are 1: Singing Carols in the school choir 2:The Morecombe & Wise Christmas Special on TV 3: Using Nutcrackers on un-crackable Brazil nuts!! 4: Playing games of Monopoly that went on forever!
5: Unpacking the Christmas food Hamper…all those goodies! 6: Making paper chains to hang everywhere! 7: The school Christmas Disco…going prepared with Mistletoe in hand!! 8: Hanging up a pillowcase instead of a stocking…now that’s optimism! 9: Being allowed a ‘Snowball’…without the Brandy! 10: Watching the ‘Sound of Music’…again!!!   thumbnail


Now, as I scrapped last night the ITV movie was ‘Sixth Sense’ with Bruce Willis. It’s a long time since I watched this & although I knew what was coming I still thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again…I suppose Christmas is traditionally a time for Ghost stories !!



This afternoon I’ve made a start on day 13….so watch this space…only five days to catch up on!! Of course, my good friend Karen is all up to date with her JYC! Her earnest preparations are really paying off…do drop in on her blog to see her  pages for yourself…they are truly fabulous!

I’m off to scrap some more…Lee volunteered to do the school pick-up & who was I to argue!! He has to go back again to collect Nathan at 5.30pm & has offered to bring in a take-away for himself & the boys so I won’t need to cook tonight!! Yay!!

Tomorrow is the last day of term & I have a dental check-up appointment first thing…snow permitting!!  Apart from school runs I will have a nice lot of scrappy time available, so hope to have more JYC to share with you in my next post!

Thanks for dropping by & only 8 more sleeps to go!!!  


humel said...

Oh wow - I love how the tags look like a flower from a distance :-) Er... I mean... I love how from a distance, the tags look like a flower!! Beautiful page :-)

Anna said...

L's got everything crossed for snow tomorrow so that she won't have to go in for the last 'waste of time' half day of term. Nothing here yet!

Gorgeous LO! Giggled at the uncrackable Brazil nuts memory. They're a favourite of mine. I'm almost as partial to a Brazil nut as I am to a chunk of crystallised ginger. And yes! One and a half kilo!! LOL Everyone had the same gift idea ...

Good luck at the dentist :)

dottydotty said...

I have so much JYC to catch up on its untrue well done on the weight loss this week i lost a pound but fear that is is now untill after christmas, christmas do today turkey and christmas pud!

Jocelyn said...

Love the LO...what a wonderful way to use the tags!!!

We are due for some snow this weekend...I am so hoping for that I can stay in and get some things completed!!!

Have a great one dear friend!!! :-)