Friday, 18 December 2009

Yay! A snow day!…& day 17…

Popping in briefly as I have both boys at home today…One school was closed due to the snow/icy roads & there was no way I was trekking across town for just one of them! So, they are out building snowmen, I have cancelled my dentist appointment (how disappointing!!) & I’m trying to do some serious tidying!!

I had a night out with the girls last night…we ate too much…they drank too much…we laughed till we cried & as designated driver I  drove us all home in the horizontal snow!! I HATE driving in icy conditions…I’m a bit of a wimp, but we all got home safely!!

We have tickets for the pantomime in Stevenage tomorrow afternoon…I’m just hoping that the weather will be kind & allow us to get there & back…if not, not only will the boys be disappointed, but it will be quite a large sum wasted!! Fingers crossed!

So, to finish…JYC! I still have 4 days prompts to catch up on, but I did turn my attention to prompt 17 ‘I saw this & thought of you!’, because I had the perfect photo of the most perfect gift I’ve had! It was from Alex on his first Christmas (I think he had a bit of help!). Anyone who knows me, knows I am something of a chocolate addict & my absolute favourite is Toblerone. So imagine a Toblerone weighing 10lbs!!! JYCday17resizeWhen I saw it I imagined it to be a box full of smaller bars, but no…it was one solid bar…each triangular chunk weighed 1lb! In true chocoholic style it only took me six weeks to devour..with a (very) little help from family & friends!!

I should add that at the end of February ‘97 I was rushed into hospital with severe abdominal pain & diagnosed with gallstones…later that year I had surgery to remove my gallbladder…was there a connection do you think?!!! 

I hope anyone affected by the weather isn’t too inconvenienced…stay safe & enjoy the snow..if you have it! Maybe we will have a white Christmas this year!

Thanks for dropping by….7 sleeps to go…!!


karen said...

I could have eaten that Toblerone in one go,you wimp...

Anna said...

My! That's one mighty Toblerone! What did you use to break the chunks off with - a chisel?

I hate driving in icy conditions too. And foggy conditions. And strong winds. And heavy rain. Oh, and the dark! :D

Have a lovely Christmas! :)

dottydotty said...

thats one hell of a choclate bar I'm stil only on day te but have the week off over christmas so going to catch up then