Friday, 11 December 2009

Is he ‘Saint’ Nick?!!….Day Eleven

Today got off to a rocky start when I discovered that Alex had taken the scissors to the top of his hair to cut out a knot! All I can say is it must have been one hell of a knot to require the amount of hair that’s in my bin to be removed!! When he got out of bed this morning he resembled the stereotypical ‘village idiot’…an effect I managed to dilute in the short term with a wash & clever blow dry!! It now means that the rest of his hair will need cutting over the weekend to even out the layers!!….Boys!!!!!

After the school run I went off to the gym for my session with Nick & as if by magic all the stresses of the day evaporated! he had put together a new programme for me & had me doing chest presses at 15kg & tricep pushes at 35kg!! If he keeps this up my bingo wings will have gone in no time!!

I came home to sort the laundry & load up the machine, whizz round with the vacuum cleaner & duster, grab a bite of late lunch, & then it was time to pick the boys up & drop Lee & Nathan at the railway station. Tonight they are going to Brighton to see Status Quo in concert. They went last year & Nathan loved the fact that his ears were ringing for a week!! They are staying overnight & coming home tomorrow afternoon So Alex & I are enjoying a very calm evening without the inevitable sibling arguments & reprimands from Dad!!

And so to JYC…’s prompt was the tree! I loved the way one example LO had used a photo as the whole page & added the journaling to the photo, so I lifted that idea & just added a bit of bling in the title alpha’s & some stickles along the bead ropes on the tree!


Now, I know I won’t be able to settle to sleep with Lee away tonight, so I’m off to do some serious wrapping & checking of lists…I may even make a start on writing some cards…..I only have 7 days till last posting for second class!! I may even put on my DVD of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ & really feel the Christmas spirit!

Only 14 sleeps till Santa!   Catch you all later!! xx


Jocelyn said...

Love the LO....super duper colors!!!

Have fun with the two of you this evening..I never sleep well while Joe is away...

Have a great weekend!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

love the tree idea too might just have to use it aswell a little bit behind just now:) Yes the flowers are silk I bought them form sainsburys in kempston last january and have wandered what to do with them ever since:)

humel said...

I've been viewing your pages with much interest and admiration, but I've been so remiss with commenting, I'm sorry.... In one big catch up comment, WOW!! I love your work :-) Thanks for sharing x

Anonymous said...

good luck tomorrow at SW I have a feeling I might just put a little back on!!!!!!!!