Wednesday, 9 December 2009

This little piggy….& day 8…

i am publishing yesterday’s post a little late! It was a testing day yesterday, when I went down to feed the Guinea Pigs I found that one had passed away overnight. Taz was the eldest of the four & had lost an eye to infection earlier this year, he was one of two we adopted from friends & was such a friendly little thing, always the first up at the mesh when it was feeding time! So, we had an impromptu piggy funeral & both boys were very subdued.

Alex had another day home from school as his blood sugar readings were still high & his appetite poor.  By evening though he was quite ‘bouncy’ & ate a good meal, so I packed him off to school today!!  He is still coughing & a bit snuffly, but his colour is restored & the old ‘attitude’ resumed!! He has a later start on Wednesday so I’m sure he’ll last the day!!

I had to forego my belated visit to the gym yesterday too….I was twitching by lunchtime & then  today I had to stay in for the engineer to come & fit a new sensor to the tumble drier, so haven’t got there again!!  My car has to go in for a brake check tomorrow & fortuitously the garage is right next door to the gym!!!  So I will be swimming & sauna-ing  in the morning & then I have an hour booked with Nick for Friday…that should get me back on track!!

So…to day 8 of JYC…& my first page completed this year!! The prompt was about observation…what’s different around you?  As I didn’t venture far yesterday, I kept my focus within the house & how different it all looks & feels with the decorations in place…..JYCday8resizeI included a hidden journaling tag which reads…”This first weekend in December the decorations come out…the fairy lights & candles give the house a cosy, festive feel…..lovely!”   

I’m just off to finish my bit of housework & put some empty boxes away in the loft so that I can justify working on day 9’s page a little later!! Got to keep a balance…or at least make it look that way!!LOL

So until later…thanks for dropping by!

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Jocelyn said...

So glad to hear that Alex is feeling sorry about the loss of your Guinea Pig....:-(

Love your all the pics!!!

Wishing you a great day!!! :-)