Monday, 7 December 2009

Baubles, an invalid & day 7…..

My plan today was to decorate the tree & the rest of the house, & then get to the gym before picking up the boys from school. Well, as the saying goes…the best laid plans of mice & men….& all that! I woke up this morning to find that Alex’s temperature & blood sugar level were waaay high!! He said his throat hurt & it was hard to swallow, so my plans were scuppered!

I did manage to get all the Christmas decorations in place, but there was no way I could leave him alone for the length of time needed for a visit to the gym. So I found other jobs to do around the house in between ‘nursing’ Alex & depending on how he is tomorrow, I may or may not be able to do a double session at the gym!!

But as I said, the Robinson household is all decked out for Christmas….we now enter what my hubby refers to as the dark ages, as I love to live by  fairy lights & candles…there are numerous scented Yankee candles & night light holders dotted around downstairs & it just feels so cosy!!

Decs09resize When I was growing up my Mum would go out for a walk & come back with armfuls of fresh cut greenery & decorate the hallway…it always smelled so good…. I will admit that I have resorted to plastic holly & silk variegated ivy to adorn my picture frames & it doesn’t smell the same!!..hence the scented candles!

Having Alex home today meant that he did get to help put the baubles on the tree..when his Grandad died three years ago, he had the idea of making a bauble with Grandads photo on it so we would feel like he was still with us at Christmas, so that takes centre stage on the tree!

7Dec2009 009This year I found some tiny
gingerbread  men & they are now sitting in amongst
all the lights, baubles &
candy canes!! I will have to keep an eye out or the boys will eat them all before Christmas is even here!!

7Dec2009 011

I also enjoyed hanging the six ‘cat’ baubles that were a gift from my friend Amanda last year…each one is a different colour with a hand painted face….my favourite is this ginger tom! I just love his expression, as if he’s really affronted at having to wear a bow on his head!…well it is Christmas!

She bought these from the ‘Christmas Dove’ shop in New York..a shop I spent literally hours (& a small fortune!) in, when we visited in 2001.

Lee had spent yesterday working between rain showers to put up the outside lights & the two lit trees we have each side of the front door…it’s a standing joke how short a time he would leave them on for if left to his own devices, but I’ve checked the timer & am happy with the ‘On & Off’ times set!!

And so…it’s day 7 of JYC & the last of my pre-done pages!! I do hope that I will be able to keep up through the rest of the prompts from tomorrow!! So today’s prompt was to think about organising Christmas & the things still left to do…..

JYCday7resizeNot much is different this year….my next priority is getting our cards written & into the post. My gift shopping is mostly done & wrapping well under way…my lists are looking well ‘ticked’ so it’s all good so far!! Just one thing is proving a challenge & that’s tracking down some mistletoe to hang in the hallway…I’ll have to pop into the Farmers market on Friday!

So it’s 18 sleeps & counting!!!…hope you are all on schedule with your preparations too!! Until tomorrow…Nite Nite!


Jocelyn said...

So sorry that Alex is feeling under the weather...YUCK!!!

Oh the house look so warm and inviting...may I please come and spend a spell with you!!! I love it dark, only to be lit by the lights and candles!!!! Gingerbread men are one of my favorites and I love them in your tree...the kitties are adorable also!!!!

Love your page...just perfect!!! Your title is soooo much to do and so little time...I am plain tuckered out and starting to feel a bit panicked!!!! Shopping not wrapping done and no baking done...OH MY...Jocelyn better get going!!!!

Have a wonderful day sweet friend...thanks for your sweet comments...I so look forward to them!!! Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

hope alex is feeling better and SW went well. love the idea of the bauble for granddad was it difficult Joe still misses his and I think this would be a fab idea:)