Wednesday, 9 December 2009

To finish up…. Day 9….

So, Alex survived the day at school, but was very grumpy when I picked him up as he had been told that the Geography homework he thought he’d completed needed more work! Isn’t life tough?!!

The engineer fitted the new sensor panel to the tumble drier…& guess what?….it still isn’t working!!! The timer works but if I set it at a ‘ready to iron’ or ‘ready to wear’ programme it doesn’t move through the stages of that programme & just keeps on going till the articles are almost crispy!!! This is the third time he’s been out to replace this part, so I think we may just have to demand a replacement machine!

My e-ticket arrived from Virgin Atlantic today! YAY! I’ve been on-line & reserved my seat to be sure that I can sit close to Karen & Hilary!! I couldn’t believe how booked up the flight is already & it’s six months away….at least two thirds of the seats were already reserved! It is all sooo exciting!!

Finally for today…JYC….today’s prompt was about traditions. I wanted to use something that isn’t commonplace, so opted for our ‘Christmas Day After Dinner Treasure Hunt’. JYCday9resize My Mum used to do this for us when I was small..easy peasy clues which led us to a treat…usually of the chocolate variety! So I have been doing the same for years & love trying to make the clues more & more of a challenge for everyone. The boys get so excited trying to solve the riddles & then run around to search for the next clue & ultimately the treats! 

For the last five years I’ve had to come up with a second set of clues & hiding places for New Years Eve too…our friends Tim & Ellie bring their two boys & it’s mayhem with three adults & four boys running riot trying to find the stash of goodies!! Last year Tim even prepared a clue & a gift to hide for me…now that made a change!

So….tomorrow I’m dropping my car to the garage & heading into the gym for an extended visit! Then I need to clean the bathrooms so I can maintain the scrapping/housework balance…..LOL!!

Have a good day everyone!  Just 16 sleeps to go…!!!

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Anna said...

What a lovely idea! My sister used to do an outside version for the kids at Easter. Never tried an indoor treasure hunt before.
Mind you, Treacle would probably be all over the chocolates and have them pounced on and squished in no time flat ... :D