Monday, 9 November 2009


Just thought I'd pop in to explain my absence since my last post a whole week ago! I have been living life as it was before PC!! Before I became addicted to logging on at least once every day! The first couple of days I had withdrawal symptoms but once I got past that I have had a very full & productive week!! It just proves how much time I 'lose' when I'm blog hopping & surfing!! So what have I been doing with all my 'reclaimed' time?.....

I seem to have spent most of it halfway up a ladder or ferrying between Homebase & home! After completing the wallpapering of the feature wall, I started to feel unsure about the colour of the paint already applied (in two coats) to every other wall in my hall & landing! It just looked too yellow!! I had put together a 'mood board' when deciding on colours, but it seemed different seeing it all on the walls, somehow!

Anyhow, after deciding a change was in order I called into Homebase on Tuesday morning, wallpaper sample in hand, to search out a new shade of paint. A young man (why do they all seem so young these days?!) called Andy, was very helpful & scanned the gold in my sample & mixed up a sample pot which looked good. Off home I went to paint a large square of this new shade next to the papered wall & it was PERFECT!!

So, before the school pick up I went back to Homebase to buy a 5 litre can of paint! Andy mixed it & showed me before putting on the lid. I commented that it looked different, but he reassured me that it was because it was a different base type (Endurance matt instead of standard matt) & would be OK on the wall when dry. Once again I shimmied up my ladder & painted a square next to the sample square & it was soooo not a match!! I left it to dry for 2 hours & still it looked wrong...sort of a greenish putty colour with no warmth at all! Once more I pootled off to Homebase, to find that the Andy had left for the day & no-one else had a clue why the paint wasn't the same colour!! Aaaargh!! So I took a refund & called it a day.

On Wednesday morning I called into our other branch of Homebase, again with my wallpaper sample, & another very nice young man (!!) called Nathan, tried to match my sample pot, scanning & mixing three lots before we agreed that one was almost a match. I went home &....yes you've guessed it...added another square to my patchwork wall & hey...while not a perfect match it was damn close, just a shade lighter but with the right amount of warmth! So, in a final call into Homebase, I picked up sufficient of this new mix to complete the job & this is what I seem to have been doing in every spare moment, ever since!!

Apart from that....wait for it.....I have rejoined the GYM!!!!! I felt that I needed some desperate action to kick start my goal to shed this blubber. So Hubby offered a years membership as my Christmas present, to start now...& I have had two sessions this week with a personal trainer! Again a very nice young man (!!!) called Nick, who has set up a programme to ease me back into the world of normal fitness levels with the minimum of required co-ordination!! So, reaching that 10% weight loss before Christmas once again looks achievable!!!

Anyhow....apologies for the absence of pictures today...I'm off to catch up with my backlog of 186 emails & check through Shimelles prompts to date! I hope to have more to share with you before the weekend!!!


Anna said...

I was wondering where you'd got to ... :)

Mismatched paint shades? Sounds like a ruse to meet a succession of very nice young men in Homebase, if you ask me! ;) :D

All this painting, hopping up and down ladders and exercising at the gym! You'll be fit as a fiddle in no time :)

Jocelyn said...

I have missed you and I see that you have been very busy.....I know what you were going through with the paint!!!! Been there and done that!!!

So glad that all is well!!!! Have a great day!!! :-)

Beverly said...

So glad you found the paint that works for you, those "life before PC" days can be very productive :)

Mary said...

Wowser.....sounds like you've been unbelievable busy over the past week. Like Anna says though I wonder if it was a ploy to meets lots of 'nice young men'? LOL