Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Remember, Remember......

Today is Armistice day......a time to reflect & pay respects to those who have given their lives in combat. The first Armistice day was in 1919, on the first anniversary of the end of WW1..... it was decreed that the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month would mark the moment when two minutes of silence would be observed, to pay respectful rememberance to those who gave their lives to ensure that the remainder could retain their freedom.It always strikes me as quite ironic that 90 years later we are also remembering millions of others who have died in battle since the 'War To End All Wars' came to a close. The fact that we have lost so many brave souls to war in more recent months makes this year even more poignant. So I would like to say "Thank You" to all our Heroes who continue to fight to preserve our way of life......may God keep them safe.

Also this week we have had Bonfire Night....another time to remember! This time the failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament by a 17th century terrorist, Guy Fawkes. "Remember Remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, Treason & Plot
I see no reason why Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!"

Mr Fawkes & his fellow plotters were fired by religion & politics......some things never change!! This year we celebrated at Nathan's school, who hold an annual fireworks display on the Saturday closest to the 5th. This years offering was out of this world...absolutely stunning, but I can never watch without thinking of the amount of money that has just gone up in smoke!!

OK! what else has been happening in the Robinson household?.....Alex has had his Swine Flu vaccination & it gave him less bother than his normal winter flu jab two weeks ago......with cases of Swine Flu on the increase, I feel happier knowing he has had it.

This Sundays movie was 'A Christmas Carol' 3D!! It's an amazing computer generated animation with Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman & Bob Hoskins, to name but a few, providing the voices.It is a true adaptation of the Dickens novel, without sugar coating, so not really one for the little'uns!! We enjoyed it though & I came out feeling well on the way to the festive season!!

The DIY is still ongoing, but the end is in sight! Today I have gloss painted a bookshelf & radiator cover & half done a second coat of the new emulsion downstairs!! It will feel sooo good to get everything back in it's proper place......planned for Friday!

I have had no scrapping time for two whole weeks! My scrap room is swathed in dust sheets & has been seconded as a painting area! It is also crammed with bits & bobs moved out of the desk, likewise, is a bit of a dumping ground.......hence this awful photo for WOYWW!!
However, tomorrow, after my gym visit, I am planning some scrapping time to complete a LO for the current TAAFOMFT challenge 'My Favourite Vacation'. It may take a little time to clear the decks first, but it will feel really good!!

To round off the week it's the Crafty Stash monthly crop at Tempsford on Saturday.....Yay! I need to sort out my photo's for that too! So with my next Personal Trainer session booked for Friday morning, Shimelles prompts to catch up on & DIY still to complete I will be kept well out of mischief for the next few days at least!!

I hope to be back with pics of my completed DIY project & some creativity to share on Sunday! Thanks for dropping by & I wish you all the rest of a good week!


Jocelyn said...

What beautiful pics and what a great celebration! As you know we are celebrating Veterans Day....paying respect to those who have served and are currently serving this wonderful country!!!

I want to see that movie and I did hear that it is not for the little ones!!!!

So glad to hear that you are going to get some scrappy time in!!!! I have little time also....and I need to get making those Christmas Cards!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend!! Have fun at the GYM!!!! :-)

Anna said...

Bonfire night completely passed us by this year. It both clashed with parents evening and was rained off! Laura hasn't even got around to lighting her customary sparklers yet ...

Enjoy your scrapping time ... and I hope you have a lovely day at your Saturday crop :)

Lisa Howard said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos. Little Miss DIY, huh? Sounds like not much fun...hahaha! Glad you are going to get the chance to play along again at Fave Things. Shhh, but I was a total loser this month. I didn't make my DT deadline. There were many very good reasons but I HATE to miss a deadline. I'm not sure I ever have before now that I think about it. The team was more than gracious but I still feel like I let them down. Too many irons in the fire I suppose. *sigh* But life is good so I won't complain. Hope you are having a great day! xoxo L