Monday, 2 November 2009

Another Haircut, Pumpkins & This is it......

Well, Half Term is almost over! Alex returned to school today & Nathan is back tomorrow. The last few days I have been focusing on DIY...although I have to admit to running over schedule on the wallpapering!! I will unveil the end result before the weekend, all things being equal!!

But what else has transpired since my last post?!!...Well, haircuts seem to be the order of the day in the Robinson household!! Following last Mondays shearing of Nathans tresses, I myself, set off for the salon on Friday afternoon....intending the usual assistance with maintaining my once natural blondeness & a trim....but succumbing to the capable scissor skills of Elena!!I came away with a 'swingy' bob at just below chin length!!
I must admit that this feels a little bit like 'coming home' for me, as this was how I always wore my hair up until about 5 years ago, when in the grip of 40-something crisis I decided it was now or never if I wanted to experience long hair before it became non-viable! So, been there, done that, and was getting bored of always tying it back or having to use the straighteners, so....anyone need a drawer full of scrunchies & hair clips?!!!

Saturday dawned bright, if a little damp & I wondered if Halloween may prove a wash-out, but happily it remained dry enough for us to deck our porch with all of the usual paraphernalia required to advertise our house as 'Trick or Treat' friendly!

Alex had decided that this year he might be a little too big to go out with Nathan (who was joining his friend Josh & Josh's Dad) and to stay at home, in costume to hand out the treats instead. However, by the time Nathan & Josh came back to knock on our door, he abandoned his duties to us & set off for the remainder of the route with some catching up to do!!

We had some wonderful callers, little mites as Pumpkin Fairies, Bats & Witches & even a three year old Grim Reaper!!! I love it when they spot my hubby, who works as a Teaching Assistant in the village school, & we get a chorus of 'Hello Mr Robinson' in that slow chanting way five year olds have!!

Anyhow, both boys finally made it home....Treat bags bursting with more candy & chocolate than you could shake a stick at, fully intending a record breaking attempt at consuming as much as possible in
one sitting! I have to own up to being a spoilsport & rationing the haul....while dipping in for a few bits for Lee & I to indulge in while settling down to watch X-Factor!!

All in all, a very good Halloween....& in between all that I managed to carry on with the emulsioning in the hall, gloss paint the radiator covers & a bookcase, as well as spraying the radiator cover grilles with metallic paint!!

After work on Sunday, Amanda & I had our weekly cinema visit.....this time we managed to see the Michael Jackson movie 'This is It'. I had anticipated, that as we had not pre-booked tickets,
we would have difficulty getting to see it. But I was so surprised to find that when we settled into our seats that there were no more that two dozen people in the audience!! Maybe it was the 6.30pm start time that wasn't popular? But I had truly expected it to be a sell out.I enjoyed watching MJ performing with all the old magic, but I felt close to tears the whole time. It is so hard to accept that he is no longer with us. In the film, he looks so relaxed & happy......there is no sign of the torment of drugs or pain. I know it will have been sensitively edited, but he was so obviously enjoying himself, doing what only he could. His voice sounded wonderful & the dancing was just amazing.... the show, had it gone on, would have truly been spectacular.....such a sad, sad loss.

Anyhow, today saw the start of Shimelles 'Blogging For Scrapbookers' on-line course. I have been busy with the wallpaper so have not yet had a chance to check out todays prompt, but have popped in on my good friend Karens blog & BOY!!! Has she made some changes!! Pop over & check it out for yourself!

Thanks for dropping by xx


Jocelyn said...

Oh Sandy......I LOVE the Hair are sooooo IT!!!!! So attractive!!!

So glad the boys did so well on their candy haul...and we too are only handing out bits of it at a time!!!! What a cute story about the children saying...Hello Mr. Robinson!!!! AWWWW~~~

I want to see the MJ movie...but I think it would really make me sad!!!!!

Wishing you a Fabulous week...sweet friend!!!!! :-)

Denise said...

Found you via Karen's blog- I'm doing Shimelle's class too - love the hair and great blog :-)

Beverly said...

Your hair looks amazing! I am slow getting to the Shimelle prompts myself, maybe soon @@

Hazel said...

Love your blog and all the renovation stories too. Found you by way of Shimelle's class which is great but quite daunting. I agree, your new haircut is fab.

Hazel said...

Sorry, you're not renovating, it's your friend Karen. Getting my blogs mixed up after blog-hopping lol :o)

Hilary J said...

Your hair looks great - very swish!