Thursday, 8 October 2009

So many blessings.....

So where to begin?!!! I suppose at the beginning!!

Monday morning on the school run & we can really see the leaves changing colour as Autumn takes hold...The road between our village & the next is like a tunnel of green, gold & red...just beautiful!

On Tuesday I travelled up to London for a days training at head office. Christmas, as you can imagine, is the busiest time of year in retail, especially within the beauty industry, so the focus was on all things seasonal! We were given our Christmas gifts from the company to take home with us.....A gorgeous 'Juicy Couture' fragrance gift set,,,how cool is that!!Having left home at just after 7am, and arriving home just before 7pm, I was exhausted! I logged on to check emails etc, to find that I had been lucky enough to win the September Challenge Prize on Dixie Pieces!!! Suddenly I didn't feel quite so exhausted any more!! The prize was my choice of a past Dixie Pieces kit & I chose this one....'Spring Nonsense'I shall be watching for Postie with a keen eye from here on in!! It was a tough decision as there are so many gorgeous past Dixie Pieces kits to choose from!!

One more unexpected blessing came when I went along to a Bingo session, yesterday evening, with two friends...we had each received vouchers for a free nights Bingo, without knowing that the others had! When it came to light, we made an impromptu decision to go along.... & guess what?.......We won!...not one, but two prizes!! It was so exciting!!

There is one more blessing I have recieved this week, but I'll share that with you next requires some thought on my part!!

I am, yet again, a day behind on WOYWW!! This is how my desk looked yesterday, just a few bits & bobs I'm preparing for a journal!!

Finally, my good friend Karen is dipping her toe into the world of blogging! She isn't finding it easy so far!! She is a gifted scrapbooker & such a fun person to spend time with, I just know that when she's up & running her blog will be as entertaining & inspirational as she is!! So why not pop over & say 'Hi' & leave her a few words of encouragement!!


Anna said...

Sounds like a great week Sandi! Love your choice of kit - and congrats on the prize! :)

Safmat's a self adhesive transfer film that you run through the printer. Fab stuff! I think I got mine at Hobbycraft. Bit too pricey to be using willy nilly and by mistake though!

Have a great weekend ....

Lisa T. Howard said...

I really love reading about your day-to-day. Ummm, Juicy it smells heavenly. And a big congrats on all your winnings...scrapping and bingo! You are certainly the lucky lady of late. Have you considered playing the lottery??? Of course, you may not have the lottery there. LOL! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Off to check out your friend's blog. {{{hugs}}}

Lisa T. Howard said...

For some reason I wasn't able to connect to your friend's blog. If you will leave the link for me on my blog, I'll try again later. Love ya!!!