Monday, 5 October 2009

He did it again!...

Friday was a total break from routine as Alex's school was closed for teacher training, so I had him home with me all day, much to his brothers annoyance!! He announced that he didn't want to sleep in, but get up as usual to maximise his 'free' time!! I think he had plans to spend the entire day in front of the X-Box!! Well, on that we differed, and it could have been a potential flash point, but there is more than one way to skin a cat!!! Had I gone in all guns blazing, forbidding a full day of gaming, we would have come to verbal blows!!!

So, as he had enjoyed his DT project so much last week, I suggested we did some baking together. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly he agreed & how much enthusiasm he had! I have to say this took me waaay back to when he was a tot & had to stand on a chair to reach the counter top to help stir the mix for cupcakes!! Now he's almost as tall as me & just got on with it by himself!! I had to resist the urge to clean up around him...that was sooo hard!!!!....but in spite of him being covered in flour & our feet sticking to the floor, the end result was wonderful!!

While it was cooling I sent him off to change & I finally cleaned up the kitchen!! After he'd glazed & drizzled it we stood back to admire his handiwork......we resisted the urge to taste until after Dad & Nathan got home...& it was D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!! You will be pleased to hear that I limited myself to just the one piece!!

As usual, after work on Sunday, I met Amanda for our cinema night...this week we saw 'The Invention Of Lying'...which was released on Friday. I love Ricky Gervais, he is so clever in the way he takes the every day & makes it hilarious. The concept of a world where everyone tells the truth all the time just has so many opportunities for comedy & he exploits them all! Amanda & I were laughing so hard at one particular line, we missed the following 10 minutes of the film!!!

When we came out of the cinema we were greeted by an amazing sky! I tried to capture it with my little 'point & press' camera, but I really didn't do it justice! The sky was black & clear except for one wide strip of 'speckled' cloud, through which the moon was was all gold & bronze & unlike any sky I've seen before. I'm sure there's some explanation for it, but nature never fails to amaze me!
Not much in the way of creativity to share this time, but I did 'do' the cover of the album that I bought to store my 'Favourite Things' LO's.I have been working on Shimelles LSNED project, but have nothing completed to show just yet! This coming Saturday is the monthly Crafty Stash crop that I attend...this one promises to be fabulous...I'll share the results next week!

For anyone at a loose end for some inspiration in October, may I suggest you pop on over to Dixie Pieces. Tammy is running a 'Summers wave goodbye' class. It's FREE & registration is open now...... it starts on 19th October & runs for a week with a lesson each day. Tammy 's work is an inspiration & this class will include making your own embellishments, amongst other things!!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Sandi....what a great day the two of you had and I just adore the pic!!!! I love your story of how much mess was made...but you didn't clean it up until he was getting cleaned up!!!! So hard to do...but so rewarding and the end result....YUM!!!

I have been wanting to see that movie and hope that Joe and I are able to take it in soon!!! Did you enjoy it!!!

The pic of the moon is awesome...looks almost creepy and I was thinking...we see the same moon..oceans apart....but we still look up at see this wonderful creature!!!

I love you album that you made to hold your LO's for Favorite Things.....What a great idea!!

Wishing you a wonderful week..sweet friend and thanks so much for your comments and encouragement!!!! I just ADORE YOU!!!! :-)

Anna said...

Yum! Alex's baking looks delicious! Laura had Friday off too. I took her to Costa for chocolate cake. Too lazy to make our own!

Speckled moons! Red frogs! Whatever next? There'll be pigs flying before we know it ... :D

Love your album cover. Have a great time on Saturday!