Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Favourite time of day & other ramblings!....

I had a fabulous time at the crop on Saturday....there were three projects in the class kit, but I have to admit to not even fully completing the first one!! Part of it was a tutorial on making 'shabby chic' paper roses...I made three & love how they look, but for me, as a notoriously slow scrapper, they took most of the morning!! I still have to add a title & some journalling to that LO, but I will share it as soon as I do!!

Here we are again!....tomorrow is the deadline for the 'A Few of My Favourite Things' challenge! (In by the skin of my teeth yet again!!) This time it was my favourite time of day....I had to think about this!.......was it early morning & the stillness before the days hubbub begins?....or our evening coffee time, once the boys are in bed? I finally decided on Bath-time....which is truly ME time!!
The journalling reads: "Whatever the day may throw at me, a soak in a hot tub will usually dissolve all my stresses away! Sometimes by candlelight, sometimes with soothing music, sometimes with a good book...........but always with bubbles!!"

I have to tell you that my darling husband raised his eyebrow quizzically when I asked him to take a photo of me in the bath!!....&
must admit it's not something I ever thought I'd be doing a LO about!! It was very gratifying to use those blue dome stickers & that little yellow duck, both of which have been in my stash for literally years!!

In my last post I mentioned another blessing I had to share, well it was a wonderful 'Honest Scrap' award, passed on to me by Jocelyn.I am a keen follower of Jocelyns blog, she is the master of positivity & posts a weekly 'Happy List' which is such a pleasure to read. She has been going through some challenging times recently & yet she is always so 'up' & ready to share a kind thought or word.

Now, how this award works is I say a big THANK YOU to Jocelyn (why not pop over to her blog & check it out for yourselves?) & then I have to list 10 honest things about me & pass it on to friends who's blogs I follow & enjoy. So.....and this has taken some soul searching....here is my 'Honest List'!!!

1. I am a procrastinator!! Big time!! I will always delay the things I dislike...like the ironing &
this is so silly, because when I've done it I feel so good!!
2. If willpower were a tangible substance, mine would not fill a thimble!!

3. I need a lot of sleep! Without it I become a short tempered grouch!
4. I am not ambitious...I just want to be happy!!
5. I cry at the movies, TV shows, News items...so many things tug at my heart!
6. I have spent the last 10 years trying to achieve my goal weight!....one day!
7. I can be a very lazy 'LEO'.....but I do have regular bouts of highly motivated activity!!
8. If it has chocolate on it I am a fallen woman!
9. I worry about the state of the world & how it will be for my boys in the years to come.
10. I own far too many pairs of shoes!!

So, with that done, I pass this award on to



Remember to copy & paste the award picture for your blog, link back here & pass on to your favourite bloggers......I look forward to reading all your 'Honest Lists' too!!

Now, it's time for what is becoming a weekly movie review!! This Sunday we saw 'Love Happens' starring Jennifer Aniston & Aaron Eckhart....fabulous!! I went into this one expecting your usual sugar coated chic flick!! How wrong I was....it was poignant & moving, I cried in more than one place as well as laughing out loud in others...Aaron Eckhart is just too gorgeous & his smile ought to carry a 'swoon' warning.....Great film....Highly Recommended!!

On Friday, as we arrived home from the school run, our house & those of our neighbours looked like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcocks 'The Birds'....there were thousands of starlings, both on the roofs & flying about in tumbling swirls. The noise was alarmingly loud!!

Now I know we always have food for the birds in our garden, but quite why they chose this area as a meeting point I do not know! They were obviously preparing to set off for warmer climes for the winter...so now I look forward to seeing the Robins & other winter birds visiting our bird feeders.

To round off this very lengthy post....(and thank you if you've made it this far!!) I would like to share last nights sunset with you...I went to pull down Alex's bedroom blind & it quite took my breath away, it was just too beautiful & has fulfilled it's promise of a lovely sunny day today too...cold!...but sunny!!


deana said...

Your FAV TIME OF DAY LO is so fun & cute! I ♥ that big scallop & the little duckie!

Thanks for always joining us! :-)

Anonymous said...

this is a gorgeous layout!!!! it's so cute with that bath theme! :) and that duckie is adorable!

thanks so much for playing with us over at TAAFOMT! hope to see you playing with us in some of our future challenges! :)

you rock!


Jocelyn said...

I so adore reading your Blog!!! The LO...PERFECT and I giggled at your Hubby's response to him taking your picture in the tub...My Joe would have loved it!!!

Thank you for the wonderful compliment you paid me....I just adore you!!!

I loved reading the list and I think we are really sisters!!!! Giggle about the Chocolate!!

The pics are awesome....wow the one with the birds is unbelievable!!! The sunset....PERFECT!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend and thanks for playing!!! :-)

Hanneke said...

WOW love that LO, such a great photo and I love the little duckie!! gorgeous pics and I love your honest list!!! Thanks for playing at TAAFOMFT!!!!!!

Chris said...

What a fun layout - I love how you had your hubby take your photo - ooh la la!!! Such a beautiful photo of the sunset and reading your 10 things was fascinating. thanks so much for playing along with us at TAAFOMFT.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Hey Sweet Lady! First starters, I love your Fave Things LO...and I certainly got a big grin from the photo...so glad you had the where with all to have your hubby take it. It totally makes the layout! Secondly, I so loved reading your honest facts. I never cease to find pleasure in learning more about my blog friends. Lastly, thanks for the movie review. This one is on my list of must-sees but I had the same pre-conception as you. Glad to know it will be worth the price of admission. Hope you are having a wonderful week! xoxo L

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I am LOVING the LO!!!!! GORGEOUS photo and love love love the colors!!! Thanks soooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH for playing along with us!!!! And in the words of MY OWN HUSBAND....I have to totally DISAGREE with U on #10....a WOMAN can NEVER EVER EVER own toooooooooooooooooo many shoes!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jeanet said...

Wow..that is a great layout!Love the bathtime and I love the duckie and the colors...so fun!
Great list and that movie sounds good!Have to keep that in mind!
Thank you so much for joining us!

Bekka said...

This is such a fun layout! Great photo and embellishments!!! Thanks for joining us!!!