Friday, 16 October 2009

A code in by dose.....

I have been battling with a head cold since last Sunday......dosing myself up with Beechams Lemsips & hugging my old faithful hot water bottle!I have to admit to fighting a losing battle & today my eyes are watery, my sinuses blocked, my nose is streaming & my throat feels like barbed wire! But hey....... at least it's Friday...I get to sleep in tomorrow if I need to!

The Postie made my day today...he delivered my Prize Kit from Dixie Pieces! The poor man nearly jumped out of his skin, so quickly did I open the front door in response to the doorbell!! I have lovingly stroked each & every item & all that scrappy yumminess is now laid out on my scrapdesk, all ready to play with!
Happy Sigh!!
It is definitely becoming a habit, but I am once again late with WOYWW...this time by two whole days!! is how my desk looked on wednesday....
As you can see, I did manage to finish the one LO I started at the Crafty Stash crop on Saturday, from the class kit designed by MJM.

I used a photo of my Sister Rosemary & I, taken back in 1993 BC (Before Children!!) We used to have regular weekend trips to Paris & in this photo we were at a musical evening in a Bistro......Rosemary decided to have a go with an accordion & much hilarity ensued!!!
The journalling reads "With Rosemary at a musical evening during a winter weekend visit to Paris. Rosemary had never played an accordion before!! I won't say it was the most tuneful of performances ...but what we lacked in musicality we more than made up for in enthusiasm! Fun Times!"

The reason I only worked on one LO at the crop was because we had a tutorial on making paper roses using various sized heart shapes & a brad, which was fabulous, but I was so engrossed I completely forgot the time!! I'm sure the more I do, the quicker I will become....and I will be making more...when I think what I pay for Prima blooms & these are just as effective....I may try using old book pages next,,,& then crepe paper...Oh the possibilities!!
I was so pleased to catch up with my good friend Donna this week, she sent me a very pointed email, addressed to 'My long lost friend'....I have to plead guilty...we live so close to one another, but I have been very remiss in not popping round to see her! It was good to catch up & hear what's been going on in her life! I know she pops in here, so {{hugs}} Donna, thanks for the prod & lets get together again soon!

We went to the cinema to see 'Couples Retreat' - a great cast, lots of laughs & a fabulous location...I want to go there! Not for the counselling...just the beach!!

So .....I'm off for another Lemsip...then I may refill my hot-water-bottle (or better still get someone to do it for me!!) & veg out on the sofa in front of the TV!! Have a great weekend all!


Kristii said...

Your blog is absolutely wonderful!!! I love the peek of your scraproom and your layout is gorgeous!!!

super-mum-donna said...

I'm glad the email worked. Really miss our friday shopping trips, and your company. x

Jocelyn said...

Oh sad you are not feeling well...{{{hugs}}} to you!!! Yuck...colds just make you feel awful!!!! Love that LO and the flowers are AWESOME!!!!!! Perfect Touch!!! I so want to see that movie!!!!

Oh the kit looks wonderful...I see some great things to play with!!! must take it very easy...drink lots of sleep....good for the body!!! Feel better soon!!!!

Anna said...

Am posting from my bed where I'm currently lying on an ice pack feeling sorry for myself, as my back's gone into spasm and I can't even stand up straight!
Do hope you're feeling better today! :)

PS. Your Smudge looks like my Treacle! :D

Loving the paper flowers and LO ...

Lisa T. Howard said...

Hey Sweet Lady! So sorry to hear you are under the weather. Are you feeling any better??? I hope so. I had a great little giggle over you surprising your postman...something I would do. And then "lovingly stroking" your happy mail items...again, sooo me! LOL! Another thing we have in common is our taste for movies. You always seem to mention the movies on my list. However, you actually make it to the theatre...I don't. *sigh* But I day! :) Take care, dear friend and get well!!!! xoxo L