Friday, 23 October 2009

An Invitation, A Gold Rush & uninvited guests!.....

Well.....I am pleased to announce that I am almost fully recovered from my cold! I did spend almost a full 48 hours in a comatose state last weekend, which unfortunately meant I missed work on I'll have some catching up to do...sales target-wise!

By Tuesday I was without a voice....much to the amusement of my menfolk...but had stopped streaming & even ventured out to my Slimming World group! Nothing to report there...I had maintained yet again!! Still, if I didn't go, heaven only knows what size I'd be!!!

Anyway, in a more interesting vein, I received an e-mail from my good friend Karen, telling me that she & Hilary (another scrapping buddy) are planning a trip to Chicago next year & would I like to go to?!!! WOULD I EVER?!!!! I have always listened to Karens accounts of her regular visits to the windy city with her hubby & how she spends her time in 'Archivers' & 'Michaels' while he is in business meetings, drooling with I have coveted her purchases, brought back & pulled out at crops!! So look out Chicago...the three Amigo's are heading your way!!!I have broached the subject to Lee & while he didn't say "Why yes, of course you should go!" he also did not say "No!!" I have to bear in mind that whenever we go, he will be left in charge of the boys & all that entails, so he isn't going to be over enthusiastic!!! I haven't yet told him that I will also be wanting my week in the sun at some point too!!LOL!!!

So....having prepared the way for being allowed to skip my wifely/motherly duties for a week to jet off to the windy city, I now have to turn my attentions to the funding!!

I have always been a bit on the independent side & while I know Lee would not begrudge me a return flight, in view of the change to our household income over the last couple of years (Lee is currently training as a teacher after redundancy) I will not ask!!

The trip is not set to take place till about May next year, so I have set myself the challenge of raising all the necessary funds myself! I am not a regular saver, so am starting from scratch & I have vowed not to involve a credit card either!!! So...wish me luck!!

With this in mind, I set off to a friends house on Wednesday evening.....she was hosting a 'Gold' party! Lately there are advertisements everywhere to sell unwanted gold for cash & I had resisted, thinking them a bit of a rip off! But I felt a little more secure sitting face to face with the dealer across a friends table!!

I gathered together bits & bobs that I have had in the bottom of my jewellery box for over 20 years,(NOT pictured!!!LOL!!) that had no real sentimental value & neither of the boys would want!! There were even a couple of earring backs & a broken chain!! But they weighed in at 30g...all 9ct, along with some unexpected overtime in this months paycheck, I already have 20% of my 'Chicago' fund accounted for!!

After all that excitement I will share with you with a tale which will start me itching as I write!!!!

You will be familiar with my younger son Nathan & may remember a post a little while back about how long his hair is getting......that hair is due to be cut quite short, at his request, during the half term break.

But....last Monday evening, Nathan was having a bath & called me to help rinse out the conditioner. I did this & glancing down, thought "I don't remember him having so many moles on his back"........can you guess where this is leading?!! Yes....Head Lice!!!

He had THOUSANDS of the little blighters...a whole colony that had taken up residence, un-noticed since his last shampoo!! Now look how much hair he's been two years since I've had to deal with an outbreak & then his hair was short! It took me two whole hours of combing & rinsing, drying, treating, re-rinsing & re combing before I was satisfied that I had cleared his head. Then I had to check myself & Lee & Alex!!!! No evidence was found, thank goodness, but I have been itching psychosomaticaly ever since!!

So, while you are all going "Ugh!" & scratching too, I will leave you with my WOYWW photo.....once again a little late, but here is how my desk looked on Wednesday..
The work in progress is my 'Favourite Season' LO for the latest TAAFOMFT challenge, due in by 29 October, so I will hopefully get it done over the weekend!

I'm off to enjoy the start of half term, no alarm call for a whole plan is to complete the decorating of hall/stairs/landing, & to get listing some items for sale on ebay too!! Got to keep that fundraising on the up!!!!!


Jocelyn said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better!!!! Being sick stinks!!!!! Love that you are heading to sorry you won't be closer to me...I could have met with you!!!!! I will give you my cell number to call when you arrive!!! We can at least chat!!!!

Oh my...I must admit....while reading about the head lice....I started scratching my head.....Oh dear...I cannot imagine.....

Love the pic of your wonderful organized desk!!!! I have not been doing that much at mine and I think it misses me!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweet friend!!!! :-)

Anna said...

OOoo Chicago! My kind of town. You lucky thing! Any room for a small one (ie me) in the hand luggage? ;)

Am resisting the urge to start scratching ... :D

Glad you're recovered from your lurgy.Hope you have a lovely weekend. Try not to overdo the decorating!

Jen Martakis said...

Chicago isn't too far from me. We visit often and love it there. Good luck with your savings it will be so worth it!!

Meg said...

Oooh, I would love to go on a trip like that with my girlfriends! And good job on the savings so far!

Mary said...

Hi...just popped over from Shim's to read your wonderful blog. Lucky you getting the chance to go to Chicago and well done you for being determined to fund it yourself.

elinjanne said...

Love how you have set up your desk.


Lisa Howard said...

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! I've always wanted to go to Chicago!!! I am so happy for you! I'm also very proud of your commitment to raise the funds yourself! Good for you! I'm glad you are feeling better...nothing worse than a sick mama. Head lice???? Yuck! Glad you got it under control.

OK, do I looked back at my comments from earlier posts and didn't see where you said you had left the award. I had remembered you posting the award here so I looked back. I did read that post as I commented on it. In checking back my memory returned. When I initially read the post, I saw Lisa listed. Given that I have a very common name and not wanting to assume anything, I clicked on the link to see if it was me. Well, darlin', it took me to someone else's blog. So I assumed it to be another Lisa. If I was the intended recipient, I am so sorry. I would love to thank you now!!! I'll dig a little deeper and post another set of honest facts just for you if you like. Just let me know! :)

I hope you have a wonderful week, my dear! xoxo L

Gennifer said...

Kinda wish I hadn't read this, because my head is indeed itching. Poor kiddo.

But, have fun in Chicago! (Can you imagine what would have happened if the lice incident had happened then? My DH would not even know where to begin!)

Beverly said...

Scratching my head along with you and the others LOL Your son has beautiful hair but I would have been cutting it right then, you're a good woman! Thought I was reading about myself when I read your honest facts until I reached #8 :) Look forward to following your blog and getting to know you through Shimelle's class.