Wednesday, 28 October 2009

He is a boy!!.....

Well....after weeks of deliberation...prompted by schoolyard taunts of "Hey Ginger" & "Girlie!" .....along with the trauma of his recent 'occupation'!!! Nathan is no longer a contender for the role of Jimmy Osmonds 'Long haired Liverpudlian'!! His decision entirely, but one I was happy to comply with!!

On Monday, I took up my scissors & the boy re-emerged!! The first step was to scrape all those lovely strawberry blonde locks into a pony tail, which I then severed in one fell swoop! What resulted was a perfect graduated bob that would have made Victoria Beckham proud!!!

I then set about snipping & shaping......& this may sound strange, but just like Samson, who's strength was lost to him when Delilah cut his hair, I swear that Nathan's 'Attitude' also fell to the kitchen floor along with his shorn tresses!! He seems like a different boy & it's so good to see those 'baby blues' out in the open instead of hidden under a curtain of hair!! No more constantly pushing hair back from his face & he hasn't even uttered one "yeah...whatever" in 48 hours....Result!!

Yesterday we took a trip to Milton Keynes....we called in to Ikea & amazingly came away with only serviettes, squeegies & a couple of hand puppets!! I should have known why Lee insisted on us going in his's too small to take any impulse buys from 'Bargain Corner' weakness!! I got to pop into Hobbycraft, where again I was very restrained, selecting only a sheet of Alpha rub-ons & a Versa Magic inkpad...not like me at all!!

Then it was 'boy time' & we hit the 'Centre MK' & it's various Game stores....the boys have discovered trading & it's lovely to see them both confidently handing over unwanted games for credit & then choosing new ones within their budgets.....they are learning just how much things cost, the benefit of recycling & also love the Independence! For Alex especially, it's good to see him gaining confidence in interacting with people outside of his usual circle, & his obvious sense of achievement when he's done.

We had a wonderful lunch at Nando''s informality suits us perfectly...& then I managed a little solo browsing in M&S & NEXT...& yes I did pick up some new undies..needs must!!! Finally we spent some time in Xscape, watching the skiing & snowboarding on the indoor slope, children reaching amazing heights on the climbing wall & perusing the outdoor clothing shops, where Nathan invested in a hat!! I think he's anticipating how cold his ears will be this winter, now that all that hair is gone!!

On Monday, I made a proper start on painting the walls in the hall/stairs/landing....this is my goal for the half term break, to complete the decoration!! We have bought the wallpaper for the feature wall & that will be the last thing to be done...a real challenge for me as I've not hung wallpaper for such a long time....I'm hoping it's like riding a bike & will all come flooding back....I hope so, have you seen the price of wallpaper these days?!!!

And so, at last to a little bit of creativity!!! I had a list of challenges I wanted to take part in...all due by the end of this month, but what with my cold & general life taking over, I have had to prioritise!!!

I have managed to complete the 'Season' challenge for TAAFOMFT I had so many ideas on how I wanted this to look, but it hasn't ended up like any of you find that happens, where a LO sort of has a mind of it's own?!!! Anyhow, I guess it say's what it's meant to...that Spring is my favourite season...I love the promise that Spring life & fresh beginnings. It always makes me smile to see snowdrops & crocuses in my garden... & of course the noble daffodil, lining the hedgerows in vast numbers under trees of Catkins & Pussy Willow.... not to mention Spring lambs in the fields...sorry, am I rambling?! LOL!

Finally...& on time this is how my desk looks this morning, after working until after midnight last night it's still a muddle, which I will tidy away very soon!!

So that's me...I'm off to get back up that stepladder...I'm on the tricky bit over the stairs at the moment...good job I have a reasonable head for heights!! In between laundry & preparing meals I'm hoping to at least complete my first coat everywhere today!! Tonight we have a sitter booked & Lee & I are having one of our very rare evenings out!! We've not decided where yet, but just to be able sit & talk without having to break off to referee some squabble or other, will be good!!

Wishing you all a Happy Wednesday! x


Jocelyn said...

Sandi....I so enjoy reading your filled with real life!!!! The Haircut.....turned out perfectly and I adore the after pics!!!! He is one handsome young man!!!

Love the did an OUTSTANDING job on this one.....Love all the detail work and the pic placement is PERFECT!!!! You have such wonderful talent!!!!

Sounds like a nice day out with the family and yes I agree teaching the boys to trade in their games to work for credit on the new great.....

I love the pic of the careful on that ladder and wallpaper...I have not tried that in years......I hope all goes well and can't wait to see the finished project!!!!!

Wishing you and Lee a great night out!!!! Enjoy!!!! :-)

Jenneke said...

WOW, your son has the most beautiful eyes!!!!! What a GREAT step to cut of his hair!!

ANd I LOVE your layout!! Beautiful colors and I think the birds and leaves are soooo cute!
Thanks so much for playing along with us at TAAFOMFT!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! his hair looks awesome!!! he has GORGEOUS eyes too!!! and that lo....holy smokes sandi!!! i love love love love that lo!!!!! the colors, the CIRCLES....the title work!!! amazing!!! thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for playing along with us!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anna said...

Love the haircut Sandi! Great LO as per usual. Spring's my favourite season too ...

I popped (make that 'hobbled')into Hobbycraft MK on Saturday and was exceedingly restrained. It must be catching! I only bought 1 stamp pad and 2 sakura gel pens. Must be sickening for something!

Have a lovely evening out :)

Tammy said...

Great haircut! I have to admit I really like his new "look". Sets off those beautiful eyes of his! Great layout as well.

Hanneke said...

Your boy looks so handsome with that hair!!1
Love the LO, isn't great that a LO can "grow" while working on it???1 Thanks so much for playing with us again!!

Chris said...

Just love your spring - it is so happy and filled with colors that make me think of spring. And thanks for showing us your scrap area - I love to see where other people create. Your son is very handsome and glad that the little visitors living on his head are gone. thanks so much for playing along with us at TAAFOMFT.

deana said...

I ♥ your Spring LO! Such a cute design & I ♥ the dimmension of the branches & birds! Great photos, too! Just so cute!

Thanks for joining us! :-)

Bekka said...

Love, love, love all that green! Very cute layout! Thanks for joining us!