Friday, 12 June 2009

A ring of confidence?...............

Well, yesterday, six months overdue, I went along for my dental check up! As anticipated, I had to endure the removal of plaque & general clean & scale which always leaves my gums (& I swear my actual teeth!) itching! This time, as I have been experiencing some sensitivity with brushing & cold drinks, I had the areas exposed by gum recession (does that mean I'm officially 'long in the tooth'?!!) filled in for protection! So, I am able to smile freely for another six months & have my instructions for not 'over brushing' & an arsenal of flossing brushes, fluoride toothpaste & mouthwash to maintain my 'Ring of Confidence' (or am I the only one who remembers the Colgate ads?!!).

Yesterday evening, we had to take one of the guinea pigs to the vet. As you know, we have four males who spar! There is a definite pecking order & the 'Boss' is Jamie, who is a bully! Taz is the oldest, but sadly is regularly picked on by Jamie. We had noticed that his eye was weepy & on Wednesday I noticed it was looking milky & opaque, so I called the vet for an appointment. We had to wait till yesterday evening, by which time his eye was also looking red rimmed. The diagnosis was an ulcerated eyeball (ouch!), although I must add, in himself, he shows no sign of distress at all & is eating as normal. I am to administer eye drops three times a day for five days & hope we can catch the infection before they eye ruptures!! If not, the eye will need to be removed!! I'll keep you posted.

Today the sun is shining after a week of torrential storms! Hubby was up at 1.30AM! to drop Nathan at school for his trip to France. They had a 3hour coach drive to Dover (I hope they slept for that!) & a ferry crossing to Calais for a visit to a hypermarket & then on to a bakery to see croissants & baguettes made. As I write, he & his classmates should be enjoying lunch in Boulogne! He was so excited & I can't wait to hear all about his adventures when he gets home tonight at 11pm - that's if he can stay awake to tell me!!

I am seeing my GP this afternoon & hope I will be able to return to work on Sunday, my leg is still a Little inflamed, but definitely improving! Watch this space!

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Jocelyn said...

Do you ever sound like me and the dentist!!!! It's horrible to have to get that plaque off and I hate the sensitivity that I get!!! Love your Blog and the pic in the post below is PERFECT!!!!! Have a great one! :)