Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just what you need - a group hug!.............

Not much has happened since my last post! Still popping the pills, still elevating the leg as much as possible! It is improving - slowly!!

I ventured out yesterday, out of necessity, Alex had a hospital appointment & Tuesdays is Hubby's day at college. So I drove for the first time since getting home & it wasn't as uncomfortable as anticipated. However I probably spent too much time on my feet all in all, (well, I did limp around Tesco for a few essentials on the way back!!) & my leg kept me awake for most of last night!

Today I am having a rest day! Keeping the leg up & determined that the infection will be beaten by the end of this LAST course of antibiotics!! I'm fed up of feeling nauseous & being so restricted!!

Anyway, opening my backlog of e-mails, I discovered this, sent by a very good friend to cheer me up! It did indeed & I'm considering it as my new screen saver!! Not one to be selfish, I thought I'd share it with you!! Enjoy!!


Anna said...

A very good friend indeed - and how kind and generous of you to share! I don't wish to seem ungrateful ...however, I must admit to being a little disappointed to notice that I can't get the picture any larger when I click on it! ;) :D

Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Now THAT'S a group hug I could dive into!