Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My mate Marmite & shiny new shoes!.............

Well, my visit to my GP on Friday resulted in being instructed to go home & keep my leg totally elevated for a solid 48hours! So bang went my weekend plans & no work again on Sunday! I returned to him yesterday and lo & behold I have another (my 4th) course of antibiotics, this time accompanied by even more pills to deal with the nausea & other side effects! I am really fed up with all this now, my leg is still inflamed & my poor immune system is being shot to pieces with the repeated antibiotics - I'll need double helpings of 'live' yogurt after this to help build back up the good bacteria in my system!Antibiotics, while essential to clear up infection, always leave me feeling pretty yuk & my appetite drops off. The paradox is that they have to be taken with food, so I am relying on the old standby, my mate 'Marmite'!! I grew up with Marmite 'soldiers' & the taste, repulsive to some, brings back so many childhood memories & always gives me comfort when I'm not quite 'tickety boo'!! So Marmite & toast it is then!!

Now, before I went off on holiday, I'd noticed that Alex's school shoes were looking a bit worse for wear, so asked Hubby to take him off to Clarks for new ones while I was away. Somehow, this didn't happen & with all that has gone on since I've been back, it still hadn't! So when Alex had to attend his quarterly Diabetes Clinic appointment I was so embarrassed when he slipped his shoes off for the podiatrist to check his feet! They were practically falling apart!!! (his shoes that is, not his feet!)
Anyone with Diabetes is supposed to take particular care of their feet & wear shoes that are properly fitted - we know from experience that if Alex gets a blister, it takes ages to heal, something to do with blood sugar levels feeding bacteria. So to have neglected a basic, like well fitted shoes, made me cringe with embarrassment!

Needless to say, after school the same day, I drove him straight to the retail park & Clarks. This is always a challenge as he really does not want to be there, but the assistant was
fabulous & it helped that Nathan didn't have to be with us!! I love my boys, but shopping with both in tow is a nightmare!

Alex was given the option of three different style of shoe available in his size (his feet have grown a whole size since the start of term!) - & surprise, surprise! he chose a pair that were almost identical to the old ones!! He wore them out of the shop & we brought home the old ones to give them a decent burial!!

It just remains to be seen how long it is until these smart shiny shoes are as scuffed & broken down as their predecessors!! It never fails to amaze me how expensive kids shoes are & how, with two boys, they always seem to need new ones at the same time! Luckily Nathan was able to 'step into' a pair of Alex's old school shoes that were barely worn before a growth spurt meant they were too small! Phew!!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Oh my Sandi! You just can't catch the healing bug, now can you? Please take care, dear friend. You have me worried! I hope the 48 hours do right by you and get you back to on track to a healthier you. How are you getting about with the leg injury? I would think it would be quite a challenge. I bet your boys are eager to help their Mom. Yes? Keep us posted, please. ***HUGS***

Anna said...

Mmmm ... Marmite! My favourite!

Well, let's just hope that 4th time's lucky and that this course of tablets brings the swelling down and that it stays down. You must be thoroughly fed up it all!

Thanks for you good luck wishes for the dentist btw. I was very brave ;) but am very relieved to have it done with! :D