Monday, 22 June 2009

Happy Scrapping & Fathers Day!..................

At last, my GP has thrown the ball into my court & I am able to decide for myself just how much I can cope with! Needless to say, after three weeks of non-activity I made a bee-line for the Tempsford Crop on Saturday! Still on anti-biotics & with leg still inflamed, albeit looking much improved, I was prepared to cut the day short if necessary, but no, I felt comfortable enough to stay till the end! I was so pleased as my good friend Karen & I haven't had any serious scrapping time together so far this year!! It was great to catch up on each others holiday tales & see each others newest layouts!

The crop is run by Sue, who took this photo of Karen & I (I am sharing it with you, even though it makes me realise that I should not even go within 100 yards of chocolate ever again!!) enjoying the whole thing! The kit was by Michelle Jackson-Mogford, who creates the most fabulous 'pop-up' creations & mini theatres. The layout was an interactive 'Mermaid' (or Merboys in my case!)
scene, with pull tabs & moving parts! Michelle was there to talk us through the instructions for the pully mechanism & I did manage to complete it!

It was totally different to any kit I have used before & fun to try a new technique. I was sure the boys would love it, but alas, Alex thought it too creepy & Nathan thought it babyish!!! Ah well, it was fun anyway! See what you think...............

I still have the rest of the kit & will complete the second suggested LO - with a twist, of course!!

After seeing the TV advert for over the last few months, I decided to try them out for this years Fathers Day card. It was great fun putting it together & the boys couldn't wait to hand it over!

They both wrote little promises for the day along with their greetings & presented it with a few small gifts when we took breakfast in bed to Hubby yesterday morning!

I had decided to return to work yesterday, so I left them all to enjoy the day, with the boys promising to make sure that Daddy had a stress free time!

My day went well, I only felt the need to sit down for the last hour! It wasn't busy as the weather was lovely & I guess most people were taking 'Dad' out for lunch - plus the Grand Prix was on TV, so not many people out shopping!

I drove home in glorious sunshine, very appropriate for the longest day of the year! After freshening up & changing out of my uniform, we drove to a country pub & enjoyed the lovely evening, while the boys joined other children to play in the huge garden & adjoining field. All very civilised!

So, it feels good to be out & about again! Today is my last day of antibiotics & then I can focus on getting my immune system repaired!! Oh & I suppose I ought to get the house back in order too!! Ah step at a time!


Lisa T. Howard said...

I say leave the house to itself a few more days and enjoy the day! My how you have had a go of it. Glad you were able to attend the crop and I think your photo is lovely. I can see the joy on your face...appearing to be glad to be in the presence of good friends. And isn't that what it is all about? So very glad you are well on your way to being done with this ordeal! {hugs}

Anna said...

Love the photo of you at the crop Sandi! You look as though you were having a wonderful time :)
Really pleased to hear that that leg's on the mend ... at last!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like you had a great time at the crop and I love your creation!!!! So cute!!! Hoping you stop by Butterfly Crafts and play along with our challenges!!!! We have such a great group of ladies over there!!! Please take care of yourself and so glad to hear that your leg is doing much better!!! Have a great day! :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

glad you got to scrap!!!

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