Wednesday 19 June 2013

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again…!!!!

Hello, poor neglected Blog! And hello to you too, my poor neglected Blogland friends!! I think this is a new record!…SEVEN weeks without posting!! Oh my!

I remember, last year, the lovely Hilary commenting that taking part in ‘Project Life’ reduced the amount of actual scrapping she achieved & I thought ‘how can that be?’….but now I get it!!!

I’m finding that photographing & documenting our day to day life IS actually taking over!! I’m completely up to date with my ‘Project Life’ album almost complete (Jan-Jun) & the second all prepped to go '(Jul-Dec)..which, if you know me (the worst procrastinator ever!!) is quite a feat!

But, if I’m honest, I’ve done next to zero REAL scrapbooking this year, just my DT commitments really!! And I don’t have to tell you how I’ve not been blogging regularly!! I’ve managed a few sporadic forays into Blogland to touch base with one or two of my regular haunts, but that’s it!!

swap2So, why? do I hear you ask, am I posting today?! Well, yesterday I received some ‘Happy Mail’ from the lovely Fiona, who was my donor in the ‘The Great Big Swap of Very Small Things’ organised by the lovely Sian over at ‘From High In The Sky’.


Fiona had kept in touch as she found herself delayed in sending off my package, not that there was any problem with that, if anything it built the anticipation & I was really quite excited when the package arrived yesterday!!

P6140091I oohed & aaahed at the lovely card, the gorgeous little pouch containing buttons & brads, the individual handmade envelopes & assortment of pinwheels & butterflies….all in one of my favourite colour palettes!!

BUT…what really blew me away was something tucked into the card that wasn’t even for me!! Apparently, Fiona’s daughter had been looking over her Mums shoulder as she was browsing my blog & spotted the post about Alex’s love of all things ‘My Little pony’. She then drew & cut out a picture of his favourite pony Trixie & that was what was tucked into the card!


Well…he was so pleased with this unexpected & thoughtful gift! His exact words were “That’s so cool, so impressive, it’s amazing…I love it!!” & he immediately went off in search of blue-tack with which to attach Trixie to the frame of the
mirror in his room!

I know I’ve emailed you Fiona, but can I say again a HUGE thank you to both you & your thoughtful daughter for brightening up our day yesterday! Oh & THANK YOU to you too Sian, for setting up another fun & enjoyable event to take part in….will it be an annual event do you think?!!!

So there you have it, something nice that prompted me to get blogging again!! I guess I’ll be back soon with a potted round-up of the past seven weeks!!! I really MUST get round to catching up with all of you & what you’ve been up to too! I’ll leave comments so you’ll know I’ve dropped by!!

Meanwhile…I think I’ve some 'Summertime Scavenger Hunting to catch up on too…I’m off to Rinda’s to check out the list!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by & not giving up on me altogether!! Come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


Sandra said...

Not only is Fi talented and kind so is her gorgeous daughter ... What lovely goodies you have :)

Oh my you have been busy with PL, I do hope you'll share your pages with us. This is my first year of doing it, but I think mine will be just the one album. It is addictive though, isn't it? :)

scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely 'extra' in your package....this swap was another great idea from Sian.

Beverly said...

Hello! Glad to see you pop back up in my Reader :) Love that Fi's daughter is so sweet and thoughtful and that Alex was so thrilled.

Sian said...

Oh, that has to be one of the nicest swap happenings I've seen! It's really put a smile on my face :) I'm thinking maybe in the Autumn we could do it again. maybe. If I can come up with a new plan..

Thanks for being part of it!

and it is good to catch up

debs14 said...

Shame on you for being absent for so long!!!
Great to see you back. What a lovely swap package that is.

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

So happy that you were pleased with your little package. My daughter was delighted when I showed her this post yesterday. Thanks again for your patience and understanding xx

Ifa said...

You lucky girl! And what a bonus for the boy too.