Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I know it’s Autumn….& I know these creatures want to get in out of the cold & wet….but why do they all seem to be making a bee-line for our house?!!!

BIG bug!This week the ‘spider’ glass has been put to use FOUR times & each evictee seemed larger than the last!  This BIG fella was so big he had to bunch his legs up & stand tall just to fit inside the PINT glass!!

My boys think it hilarious when I’m trying to take a photo of the captured beast while jumping & squealing every time it so much as flexes a leg! I guess it’s a morbid fascination…this one had knees…& hairy legs!! Ugh!!

Anyway with that out of the way I realised yesterday that I have omitted to update you on my cinema visits of late!! I missed several Sundays over the summer, but we’re back on track now if it is with mixed results!!


   ‘Hope Springs’ was delightful! With
    a cast dominated by Meryl Streep
    & Tommy Lee Jones I expected
    nothing less!

    Both funny AND moving, it deals
    with the issues faced by many
    ‘long time married’ couples who
    have given in to habit & become
    stuck in a rut! I won’t spoil it for
    if I tell you that it all comes good
    in the end!!


‘Looper’…I loved this one! Bruce Willis is fabulous as is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays a young Bruce! Not one to pop out to the loo during, or you’ll totally lose the plot!! Quite a bit of blood & guts, but all relevant & it certainly gets the old grey matter working!!


   ‘Anna Karenina’….what
   can I say?! I was so keen
   to see this film, expecting
   a lavish costume drama.
   With Keira Knightly in the
   title role & huge hype
   about the jewellery &
   make-up used in the film
   I wanted to be amazed!
   But I wasn’t! It was a very arty interpretation & all the scenes centred around a theatre…on-stage…backstage…front of house…most scenes started & ended here, drifting off into different rooms & bits of countryside in between! I suppose it was all very cleverly choreographed but it didn’t really ‘involve’ me & I do like to ‘get lost’ in a story like that!!

So that’s it from me for today! The window cleaner has just been, so that’s my cue to wash the insides! As the sun is shining I’ll rather enjoy that!!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


humel said...

It's the season that spiders are looking for love, I'm afraid - why they head indoors for this I'm not quite sure?! I came home from a meeting a couple of weeks ago to find The Doctor trapped on the sofa, having been unable to move for nearly an hour because there was a large spider between him and the door! (He'll kill me for telling you that....!)

I'm OK with spiders, but I can relate to your photography experience because when we saw a black widow on the path while staying in LA last year I was keen to get a photo - until it moved, at which point I shrieked and bolted indoors!!

Sian said...

I really want to see all of these films - I might save Anna karenina for DVD though after your review because I've heard other people say the same thing. Lots of votes for Looper here - maybe this weekend!

Beverly said...

Even though you gave a warning I still got the heebie jeebies eeewww! I loved Hope Springs, probably the most I have laughed out loud in a long time.