Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

…& EEEEEK!!!!

Today has had one of each!

I went into work yesterday.  I usually only work on Sundays but had offered to work overtime to cover a colleagues holiday. No problem there, but it did mean that the weeks laundry needed to be put back to today.  So, to get ahead of the game I sorted the dirty laundry into colour piles last evening in readiness for an early start this morning.

So at 7.30am I came down into the kitchen (we don’t have a utility room, sadly), still not fully awake, & proceeded to load the washing machine with a dark load. For a moment I thought I’d dropped a sock…then I realised it was a very large spider….EEEEEK!!

5 Spider!I have been scared of spiders since birth! Although since becoming a Mum I can now deal with the little blighters instead of just screaming the house down! We keep a glass for just such emergencies & I usually employ a long handled spatula & a postcard to complete the eviction. I shudder at the thought of accidentally touching one of those creepy legs…or worse!! That said I’d never harm a spider, but I just don’t want them sharing my home…with my knowledge anyway!!

With that drama out of the way I set about a general tidy up of abandoned shoes, socks etc & this is where the Hmmmm! moment came in!!

On the 27th July we took Nathan shopping for shoes, not school shoes, but shoes to wear for ‘playing’ which for Nathan equals skateboarding, scooter-ing & looking cool! He had announced that he wanted the latest style lace up Vans in red, but at £45.00 I had told him to dream on!! We usually hit ‘T.K.Maxx’ where we can pick up designer trainers/shoes for him at less than half that price.

6 New VansHowever, this time there was nothing to fit the bill in any of the sales in Milton Keynes or on the racks of T.K.Maxx. Nathan was beginning to sulk & Lee was losing patience! I suggested that we leave it for that day & plan another shopping trip.  I left them to ‘have a look in Gamestation’ & popped into Debenhams. When I came out however I was
met by a beaming Nathan carrying a shiny new ‘Schuh’ carrier bag containing….you’ve guessed it…the coveted red Vans. Lee had given in to the ‘sulk’…he will never learn!!

Because, here we are not even a full six weeks later & this is what they look like…

7 Not new Vans 
…worth £45.00? I think not!!! Hmmmm!!

Thanks for stopping by…see you again soon! Open-mouthed smile


Sian said...

Ooh! Yes, we're big fans of TK Maxx for shoes too - we scored some lovely two tone converse high tops last time we were in.

Spiders ? You need TSO's "swat" - only she rhymes it with "cat" because that sounds funnier

Ladkyis said...

suggest that her "earns" the money for the shoes of choice. That you can afford the normal price and anything over and above that should be paid for by the prospective wearer. If you can carry it off it really does work a treat. They are much more careful with something they forked out for.
You can hear the voice of experience here can't you? with a Daughter and two sons I feel your pain.

Denise said...

I'm still sitting here in panic mode after seeing that SPIDER - oh my goodness - I would have had a fit with my leg up !!!!

humel said...

Oh my word - I can cope with the spider, but the shoes made me shudder!

PS Hope Lee's teaching has started well :)

Beverly said...

OHHHH!! I would have screamed at the spider!! ick! Was shocked by the change in the shoes, WOW! raised 2 boys and never saw a pair look like that even after a year. Wonder if Lee will be giving in to sulking students lol...I think not :)