Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Summing Up The Summer Scavenger Hunt!

Friday sees the deadline for Rinda’s ‘2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt’ & it’s been fun! Lee & the boys have become used to me producing ‘The List’ on all our days out over the summer & today I’ve completed the hunt! Yay!

A couple of items were a challenge & a couple have been ‘loosely’ interpreted, but I did it!! I had planned to post updates on 21st July & 21st August, but as you know I embarked upon projects that took priority over the summer & blogging went by the wayside! So here is a collage of my ‘finds’…

2012 Scavenger Hunt
1. A pier….at Brighton…taken from the car on our way to friends in Hove!
2. A clothesline…Mine!
3. A border…mine again!!
4. A Roadside stand selling something…a local ‘layby grill’ which does the most amazing bacon sandwiches!
5. A train…The Javelin, on our way to the Olympic Park!
6. A historical landmark…The Houses of Parliament, taken from ‘over the river’ on a day visit to the capital.
7. A person playing a musical instrument…street performer in Bedford town centre, a fabulously talented drummer!
8. A person dressed as an angel, or a statue of an angel…this one was a challenge! In the end I settled on an angel decoration in a local interiors shop!
9. A fountain…easy! This is the wonderful example in Welwyn Garden City’s Parkway!
10. A horse…a wander down to the end of the village & I found these!
11. A shadow…I loved this one of a bench on Bedford’s riverside Embankment!
12. A maze, labyrinth or trail…this timber maze is a favourite of ours! Found in Bedford's Priory Park!
13. A library…The lower floor of Bedford's Town Centre Library!
14. A person playing with a ball…I felt like a private eye, sneaking photo’s (out of the car window!) of these guys kicking a football around in Bedford's Russell Park!!
15. Someone dancing…well, several someones dancing during the Paralympic Closing Ceremony, which we were lucky enough to attend!
16. A bride…another challenge!! But I found this lovely cake decoration made of fondant icing to fit the bill!
17. A church, chapel, cathedral, mosque or temple…I went with Bedford’s Queens Park Mosque!
18. A movie poster…In our local cinema advertising ‘Brave’, which was brilliant!
19. An outdoor stairway…not a very glamorous example, the fire escape at our local branch of Pizza Express!
20. A swing hanging from a tree (or a hammock)…these amazing swings hang from high up in the trees at Groombridge Place in Kent. On a family day out with friends, even we adults made good use of them!
21. Finally…A picture of you standing with something that symbolise your nation…well, for 2012 I think this counts! This is me on our way into the Olympic Athletics Stadium!

Sub. A heart shaped stoneI did have a photo all ready of a hand painted, heart shaped stone…just in case!

Thanks Rinda for such an enjoyable project & I’m just glad that I made the deadline! I have so enjoyed seeing other participants awesome finds on their blogs & ready the ‘back stories’ too!

Thanks to you too, blog friends, for stopping by…I’ll be back soon with an update of the past two weeks & a bit of creativity to share! I do hope you’re settling back into routine after the summer break & are enjoying the gorgeous Autumn sunshine! Come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


scrappyjacky said...

I've so enjoyed this as well,Sandi. You've managed some great your bride especially.

humel said...

Well done! A great collection :) Love your collage presentation, too!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job! I'm giving you a shout out on my blog today.

Beverly said...

The shadow shot is amazing!!!

Sian said...

Super collection! Going round and admiring everyone else's finds has been even more fun than going out and looking I think :)

Julie J said...

Yay another full set. Love your shadow photo.

~*~Patty S said...

Hello from Rinda's Scavenger Hunt...your post and hunt are really wonderful...great fun seeing the collage of your super finds!
oxo from Virginia, USA

Irene said...

A lovely collection of photographs and stories. I love the idea of a timber maze, and the great picture of the Olympic Stadium.

Jimjams said...

A great collection of photos - I'm especially enamoured of the bench shadow - perfect!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Love your photos and the way you have arranged them in a collage, numbered and described. What a fun project for all of us to participate in! I've loved seeing everyone's different perspectives on the prompts. Well done, Sandi!

Denise said...

i really enjoyed it too - an reading other blogriend's finds - a great collection and well done you for finding all of them x

Ifa said...

Love #16...very inventive of you. I must try making something cute next time I decorate a cake.