Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Little Homesickness!!

I left my childhood home in Hereford back in 1983…to move to Bletchley & set up home with Lee. We married soon after & have since lived in St Albans, London Colney, Brunei & Welwyn Garden City before ending up here in ‘Darkest’ Bedfordshire, but when I refer to Hereford, I still call it home!!

This weekend we made a rare trip ‘home’ to see Mum-In-Law on her 80th birthday. She has recently had knee surgery so there was to be no party, but we really wanted to see her ‘on the day’.  We set off after breakfast for the three hour journey & the closer we got to Hereford the more familiar the scenery became…

29 Oct 2011 006

29 Oct 2011 008






29 Oct 2011 010

29 Oct 2011 024



I know it just looks like more English countryside, but every turn in the road holds a memory of growing up & venturing further afield once I’d learned to drive!! We passed the village church where I used to go bell ringing as a young teen…my boys were amazed…see, there’s a lot they don’t know about me!!  Before long we were coming into Hereford itself & along the road I grew up on…

29 Oct 2011 025
We passed my old school…& the pub where Lee took his last drink as a single man…& of course the house I grew up in.

I think part of me has always assumed that at some point in time we’d move back that way, but we never have & I have to say, I’ve not yet completely given up hope that one day we might!! I guess you can take the girl out of sleepy old Hereford (quite willingly at the time I might add!!) but Hereford will always be in the girl!!

Anyway…more on the reason for our visit home…

29 Oct 2011 040

29 Oct 2011 069






…this lovely lady’s 80th birthday!!  I have been so lucky with my Mum-in-Law, when I listen to tales of friends relationships with theirs, I count my blessings!! Pat is amazing, she takes great care of herself & is in complete denial of her age…& very convincing she is too!!

29 Oct 2011 077

The boys were pleased to see Nanny, but soon settled themselves on the sofa with their laptops & left us to chat!!

Even Lee took some time out for a quick check of his emails…

29 Oct 2011 080


What is it with the male of the species & tech?!!! They can’t get through a day without it!!! But Pat didn’t mind in the least..I had taken my vintage copy of ‘Woman’ home for her to see & she was soon engrossed & enjoying all the memories!!

29 Oct 2011 036



We sat a little while on her balcony…she overlooks some allotments & it’s so peaceful & there’s always someone doing something, so perfect for her now she lives on her own.

29 Oct 2011 085



We did have one cause to laugh when Nathan reclined his seat & we caught sight of the soles of his feet…

29 Oct 2011 087  
…now I know money is tight at the moment, but we’re not so strapped for cash that we can’t afford socks!!!

Pat said not to worry, it must run in the family & she lifted her feet to reveal…

29 Oct 2011 088




…but then hers are surgical stockings & are meant to have holes in the bottom!!

I’m pleased to report she is recovering well from her knee surgery & is walking short distances, albeit with a crutch, & having regular physio sessions. So we’re hoping she’ll be joining us here for Christmas as usual , this year.

We got back to our house that evening, tired from travelling both ways in one day, but glad to have shared Pat’s birthday & knowing we’d be getting an extra hour in bed that night too!!!!

4 The Help movie poster 
On Sunday I saw an amazing film…’The Help’

It saddens me that in such recent history, such prejudice was the norm, but this film presents the story frankly & with such good humour that the message comes across without  being too distressing, although I did shed a few tears & laughed out loud too!!

I’d recommend it!!

I’ll leave you with a little creativity…

1 home for the holidays
This month over at ‘From Screen To Scrap’ the movie poster inspiration comes from ‘Home For The Holidays’ & the added criteria is to 1. Use the word ‘Home’ in the title  2. A photo of a family gathering & 3. use white pen journaling. 

I’ve also been taking part in an online class this week over at ‘Get It Scrapped’ & wanted to try the mosaic technique on a LO, So with all that in mind this is what I came up with…


2 Auld Lang Syne 
The photo is of us all singing in the New Year/Decade 2010…I had fun using up all those bits & bobs to decorate the mosaic squares!!

So that’s it from me for today…I hope you all survived Halloween!! I’m glad to report that Karen is through her first phase of surgery & is posting on facebook, so check her comments out there if you’re a friend!!

Thanks for dropping by & do pop back soon! :) 


Beverly said...

Wow, she certainly doesn't look 80! Sounds like a lovely day and the socks are too funny, are you shopping this week? :) Great work on the LO

Sian said...

Gosh, three hours! We travel for 11/2 hours to see my Mum; but I feel exactly the same way looking at all my old haunts from the 80's! I hope your MIL is recovering well from her surgery and enjoyed her day

humel said...

I love Herefordshire too :) So glad you had such a lovely trip - and your layout is fab! xx

Anonymous said...

I was going to warn you to keep your shiny new car of the road today.Tasmin had her 4th driving test today !!!!.....But miracles do happen.She passed with no faults at all!!!