Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane…

I recently spent a lovely day out with these two lovely ladies…

15 Oct 2011 003

15 Oct 2011 004








Karen & Hilary. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at a Thai restaurant just outside Cambridge & then Karen set about working her magic with her camera!!!  For someone who a short time ago proclaimed that she wasn’t technically minded & just wanted to shoot good pictures, she now knows her way around a camera & all it’s knobs & buttons like a pro…which to my mind is what she now is!  She talked non-stop (no change there then!!) about ‘f-stops’ & ‘ISO’s’ & ‘over exposing’ & ‘catch-lights’…but boy! Does she ever take a mean photo!!!

Hilary by Karen Oct2011

Me by Karen Oct2011









At a time when my self esteem is at a low ebb & I’m struggling to lose weight I’d like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Karen for making me look this good…& how fabulous is the photo of Hilary’s smile?!! See what I mean about magic!!

After our lunch & impromptu photo shoot, we headed off to a secret location!!! It was somewhere I’d never been, but can’t wait to get back to again!!! A small collection of old farm buildings that have been converted into a range of unique shops! Here’s just a taste of what was on offer…

Burwash Shops 
I managed to pick up a few small Christmas gifts, but my favourite purchase of the day was an original copy of ‘Woman’ magazine, from April 1960 (the year I was born).  I think I may have got my love of polka dots from being born at a time when they were obviously so much in vogue!! Check out the offer of a complete ready cut out shirtwaister dress for just 21 shillings & sixpence!!! That’s £1.07 in today's money!!!

22 Oct 2011 001

22 Oct 2011 012









I have had great fun reading through every article, advert & short story! It is so politically incorrect by today's standards…the letters page alone had me in fits!!  Some of the articles still apply…look at this one about creating workspace within the home for all the family…could that be a scrap desk do you think?!!!

22 Oct 2011 004
Forgive me, but I’m going to share a few more double page spreads with you…they’re just too good not to! Do you recognise any of the products in the ads? How young does Angela Lansbury look in that photo top right (below)?!!!

22 Oct 2011 005

22 Oct 2011 006
My Mum always had Handy Andy in the kitchen cupboard…it was the most disgusting shade of bubble gum pink!!

22 Oct 2011 007
Fig Rolls are still a family favourite with us today…they cost a bit more than 5p (one shilling) a packet now though!!

22 Oct 2011 009
There are so many ads & tips on losing weight through the magazine…it seems all you have to do is cut out starch…oh & wear a tighter girdle!!

22 Oct 2011 008 
I remember ‘Unox’ luncheon meat too…my Mum used to make fritters out of it! How healthy was that…not?!!!!  Good ol’ Colmans mustard is still around!

22 Oct 2011 010


contagion_movie_poster I’ve had another visit to the cinema this week, to see ‘Contagion’…

…what an amazing cast! It is the first time I have ever been in the cinema & there has been utter silence…not a rustle or a cough!!! This story just grabs from the start & really brings home how fragile human life really is!!

Amanda didn’t even give me the usual goodnight peck on the cheek when we left to go home!! How funny!!  Go see it!!!


To finish, a bit of scrapping!!! I’ve been playing along with the ‘Summer Sense-ational’ contest over at Soul Scrappers & this months challenge was ‘Sight’. The criteria for extra points was to use handcutting, 2xPP’s, a banner (bunting!!) & a two word title!  I saw Dawn use a technique at the ‘3 Jolly Scrappers’ crop that I really wanted to try, so I did!! It’s the circular frame with the punched border edge…

cool summer 3
The photo’s are of my boys paddling in the river to cool off while on a trip to Bourton-On-The-Water in August 2006!!

So that’s me for today! It’s Mum-In-Laws 80th birthday this weekend, so we’re back to Hereford to help her mark the occasion. She recently had surgery to replace one knee cap, so it will be a quiet affair, but will be so nice to see her.

Before I go, I’ll ask you to pop over to Karen’s blog & leave some love!!  She goes in to hospital for her back operation on Monday & although she’s being all big & brave, I’m sure all the moral support you can offer will be appreciated!!  She’ll be out of action for quite a while, but if I know her she’ll find a way to blog her experiences & keep us all updated!!

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon!! :)


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely time,Sandi....and that mag's a treasure....I used to love fig rolls, can't remember when I had one last.
The photos are both look gorgeous in them....and,as always,I love your page.

debs14 said...

Fantastic photos of you two supermodels! The pages from the magazine are so interesting to see - memories on every page.
Hmm now, this secret location ... is it near Cambridge? It looks like the kind of place I need to track down!

Anonymous said...

How weird.I don't even remember you getting your camera out!
We will have to kill you, if the location of our top secret shopping location is released.
I haven't looked through my mag yet,of course I am far too young to remember any of the items from yours.
Shame you didn't get a pic of Hilarys cardboard biscuits!!!
Karen X

furrypig said...

what an interesting post Sandi I loved reading about your adventures and reading your magazine! I am off to find out how to make a circle frame with a border punch xxx

Louise said...

a great post...and i have a few layouts of the boys under that very same bridge. Bourton on the water!

Sian said...

It's my Mum's 80th this Saturday, so we will be partying along with you :)

I think those are two fabulous photos!

And fig rolls. Yum. I still love them. Wish we still dressed like that though. A nice dress every morning sounds sort of handy!

Have a wonderful birthday party!

humel said...

Super photos - and what a find! The magazine's hilarious!

Have a super weekend xx