Saturday, 17 September 2011

Let’s do the time warp….!!!

Well, that’s how it feels to me…’a step to the right’ & a whole week & a bit has flown by!!  I am waaaay behind in blogging, as well as a few other things!! But the good news is that I’ve had my first Cortisone injection into the offending shoulder & while it still aches & is still limited in its rotation, that awful intense pain has been tempered somewhat!! :)  Being forced to ‘take it easy’ for three days, too, was a blessing!  I pottered around the house, doing everything I could manage with one hand, so everything is relatively tidy & up to date….except the ironing (no change there then!) & the garden!!

On the subject of the garden, as well as the usual ‘end of Summer’ pruning, re-potting with winter bedding etc etc…there is indeed a whole mess needing repair out there!  The culprit? Hurricane Katia!!…or at least the tail end of her, as she swept across the UK last week!! 

2010Sept03 023The corner of my garden where I like to sit with my coffee & where, over the last seven years, I had trained an arch of rambling roses, that used to look like this…

Now looks like this…

14 damamge 2 



So, there’s some serious cutting back involved there!  Lee will have to get out his power tools & lend a hand with re-attaching the trellis!



I’ve not really done much in the way of scrapping since my last post! I’ve been checking out the daily prompts for Shimelle’s ‘Learn Something New Every Day’ class, with a view to picking up where I left off last year…on 16th September!! So hopefully I’ll be sharing something of that very soon!!

I did put together a LO for a lyric challenge, posted by Shazza over at Soul Scrappers. The song was ‘Who’s gonna drive you home?’ by Cars. I used the first two words & added..’always be there when you bite off more than you can chew?’ This one is for Nathan & the photo’s are of Lee rescuing him at ‘that tree’ in Hyde Park last month!!

15 Who's Gonna...


16 Thickers
I also bagged an absolute bargain via ‘Crafty Steals’…do check out this website for their daily deals…

They have some amazing bargains & they do ship to the UK, unlike many other scrap deal websites, & they only charge shipping by weight, so it’s very affordable!

My bargain was two packs of ten Thickers Alpha’s…TWENTY packs!!! (it would have been thirty but one bumper pack sold out before I got there!!)

Anyone who knows me knows that I go weak at the knees when faced with a new pack of Thickers & even with P&P they worked out at £1.75 per pack!!!  A steal indeed!!


17 Baseball Birthday Card I put them to immediate good use, as I needed a birthday card for my friends son & this is what I came up with…

…the boy in question recently started playing for the National Baseball youth team & spent his birthday week in Chicago at Baseball Training Camp, so it seemed appropriate!

18 free applesI spent  a very pleasant Monday morning with two friends…totally unplanned…I give a lift in the mornings to one friend who lives in our village & works near the boys school. When I dropped her off she suggested I came in for coffee & a catch-up with our other friend who is her business partner.

19 free BB's They run a very successful child minding service & I spent a happy time getting down & playing with some awesome toddlers!  Then while they napped, we had coffee & caught up on each others news!! I left loaded down with apples & blackberries…all grown in the garden & picked the day before!!

My freezer is now stuffed with stewed apple & blackberries, all ready to be ‘crumble topped’!!  Aren’t friends great?!!

21 Pink 50 reprise Then the Postie brought me a lovely surprise! Do you remember I told you about the ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ Birthday Challenges in August?

Well, you may also remember that I entered three of the challenges…

… & my ‘In the Pink at 50’ LO won a prize!!


20 FS2S Birthday Prize!

An awesome kit…

Some really lovely double sided PP’s here & some gorgeous fabric elements…I’m looking forward to playing with this prize!!

Thanks Shazza!!


23 flowers close-up

I’ve just realised that I haven’t even mentioned our recent Silver Wedding Anniversary!!! It was all very low key…but we did have a fabulous day out to mark the occasion, more on that next time. Lee sent me some gorgeous flowers & excelled himself with the ribbon!


24 flowers ribbonHe always signs cards to me with ‘Love You Billions, Squillions…or Gazillions’

But this time he actually had the ribbon on the flowers printed with ‘Love You Googolplexions’ which apparently is the name given to the highest recognised number!!!

Does he know me or what? How perfect is that ribbon for scrapping?!!! 

We had some amazing cards in the post, as well as many emails, e-cards, texts & good wishes left on facebook & of course right here too!  Thanks so much!!

Finally, my term on the Dixie Pieces DT is coming to an end! :(   I’ve had a great eight months working with their awesome kits, setting challenges & taking part in all of the forum activity. So now there’s a DT call out for a new team…

Dixie Pieces  is a monthly kit club looking for design team members! This call is open to US and Canadian designers; deadline for submission in September 26th, 2011. This will be a six-month commitment, starting October 1st, 2011. Each designer is expected to:

* Submit two to three layouts from each monthly kit; 12x12 preferred
but 8-1/2x11 are acceptable
* Create a project or two cards each month
* Meet all assignment deadlines
* Be active online - facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.
* Promote yourself and Dixie Pieces by posting your work on blogs,
facebook, and manufacturers' facebook pages; identifying the Dixie Pieces kit whenever possible.
* Remain positive, excited and supportive to others in the Dixie
Pieces community
* Actively participate in the Dixie Pieces community by promptly
completing daily and weekly tasks assigned by the design team coordinator.
* Add the Dixie Pieces link to your blog and in your signature line for
other message boards or groups as allowed.

Your monthly kit is free and shipped free to you as a member of the design team. The kit and the designs you create with it are yours to keep; we only need crisp, clear and color-true photographs of your work for the gallery. By participating as a Dixie Pieces design team member, you are giving Dixie Pieces the right to publish and promote your work in the course of its business. Your photo and bio will appear on the Dixie Pieces site. You will receive a 30% discount on purchases you make from or through Dixie Pieces. If there is something you want that we do not have in our store, you are welcome to request it; if we can provide it, we will.

To apply, email before 5pm PDT, Monday, September 26 2011:
* Name, address, phone, and email.
* Short bio explaining your style and why you would like to be a part
of our team.
* Provide links to your blog, online galleries, and other sites where
we may view examples of your work. If your work is on facebook, please friend Dixie Pieces
* If you are currently on other design teams, please list those.

So, if you’re US or Canada based…what are you waiting for? Apply now!! I look forward to seeing some familiar names on the new DT next month!!

So I’ll leave you with that for today! I’ll be back to share photo’s of our Anniversary Family day out with you soon.

Thanks for dropping by & I hope you’re all having a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

You'll have to have that message put on a bangle like me.Would be a talking point.

Sian said...

Ooh, those steroid injections are supposed to be pretty painful! But it does sound like it has made a difference - hurrah!

Happy Silver Wedding to the pair of you x

Sian said...

I'm back to say - I checked out the Crafty Steals. Brilliant!

Sandra said...

Happy anniversary to you xx I'm hoping you feel better, and so sad to see your garden, I'm sure you'll getting looking lovely again.

scrappyjacky said...

Glad the 'meds' are kicking in....and,as always, love that LO.

Lisa Howard said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!! So sorry I missed it but very glad to hear you had a wonderful day. Sounds like you have THE sweetest husband. Hate to hear of your shoulder issue. I'm not sure which would be worse, the pain or being incapacitated. I cannot stand to be hindered when I want to do something. Hopefully you are quickly on the mend.

Thanks for your wonderful and supportive comments on my re-entry into the blog world. I'm ever so glad to be back. Just so you know, you have AMAZING hair. I couldn't help but giggle when I read it tends to grow out rather than least I think that is how you worded it. I'm planning a monthly post where I "chart" my growth. We shall see how that works.

Glad to be visiting again and will be back soon! Oh yes...almost forgot...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your layout! Really missed seeing all your scrapping eye candy!

Love and many hugs! -L

Beverly said...

Glad you followed doctors orders and that the injection has helped somewhat. I have had occasions where it made me new again (elbow)and occasions where I was begging for another in a month (knees) The ribbon print is genius, the man is definitely a keeper for another 25 ;)

Fresh Delight said...

No thanks for kind words ;).
My vacation was great! In Belgium it rains rains rains and over there it was between 30 and 35 degrees!!
What do you like the most in Turkey? For me it's the apple tea and the sun of course.

P.s. The pink at 50 is lovely!!