Monday, 26 September 2011

Better Late Than Never?

Whoops…I promised to tell you about our family day out to mark our anniversary, what seems like an AGE ago!! So, I thought I’d better get it sorted before September was over (Imminent!!).

Our original plans for celebrating had been a party, inviting family & friends who were at our wedding & those we have met since, for a knees-up! Then as budget restrictions became apparent, we considered a weekend trip to Amsterdam (where we spent our honeymoon!) but again, even though the rail & ferry was easily affordable, the hotel costs were very scary!  Bearing in mind that the boys would have to come too…no romantic getaways for us!…they’re still not old enough to leave home alone just yet!!!

So, we finally decided on a day out to somewhere we’d not been before, somewhere with something for everyone! Hmmmmm? We took advantage of good ol’ Tesco’s vouchers & headed off to Warwick Castle for a day submersed in medieval activities! I love history & am fascinated by how people lived in past times. Lee & the boys love weapons & anything interactive, so it ticked all the boxes!!!

The castle is awesome….& unlike theme parks, is a genuine relic of days gone by!  Of course it’s now a business & tourists are well catered for but fundamentally it’s a castle which has been lived in for centuries & it’s walls have been touched by hands of people who played a big part in early British history.

From the moment you arrive the staff, or players, are incredible! Totally in character, all the time…Walt Disney would be impressed!!!  The choreographed jousts & swordplay are amazing & being able to climb towers, walk ramparts & explore the dungeons kept us all entertained for the whole day!!

I took almost 600 photo’s during the day….& Lee another 200!! But don’t worry, I’m only going to share a selection of those here & now!!

Warwick Castle 006Warwick Castle 001  






Warwick Castle 005

Warwick Castle 007






Such an impressive place!…  I’d like some of these stocks at home!!!

Warwick Castle 003

Warwick Castle 043







Warwick Castle 015

Warwick Castle 029






550 spiral steps up….& back down again!!

Warwick Castle 022

Warwick Castle 025






Warwick Castle 017

Warwick Castle 016







It was very blustery ‘up top’…I did a ‘Marilyn’ more than once!! Oh the shame!!!

Warwick Castle 009

Warwick Castle 013







Warwick Castle 010

Warwick Castle 014






The arrival of the bad guys!! Boo! Hiss!!  Followed by Jousting & falconry!

Warwick Castle 018

Warwick Castle 019







Warwick Castle 026

Warwick Castle 021







The views over Warwickshire from the castle ramparts were breathtaking!

Warwick Castle 027

Warwick Castle 033







Warwick Castle  002

Warwick Castle 028







Nathan made friends with ‘The Dragon slayer’! I held onto my hem for dear life!!

Warwick Castle 037

Warwick Castle 038 




Warwick Castle  036





England's ‘True King’ to be revealed? Not this time!!   LOL at this sign…

Warwick Castle 039

Warwick Castle 041





Warwick Castle 030 Warwick Castle 040





Inside the Great Hall..lots of armour, weaponry, lots of portraits & Elizabeth the First’s saddle on display!!  Nathan was convinced a Dwarf lived behind this door & yes!…he did buy that jesters hat!!!

Warwick Castle 044

Warwick Castle 042










So, that’s it….it was a fabulous day out & I would recommend a visit to anyone! Just be prepared to be on the move all day & take a good head for heights with you!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Normal updates will be resumed soon!!

For my UK visitors, enjoy the predicted heat wave midweek…but take a brolly…just in case!! :)


scrappyjacky said...

Hmmm....think I could find a use for stocks as well!!
Looks like a great day out....hurray for Tesco vouchers....we've just exchanged some of ours for Portsmouth Dockyard tickets.

Sandra said...

You've got some amazing photos of the day, happy belated anniversary.

Anonymous said...

We have some Tesco day trip vouchers waiting to go to Hampton Court,when I am better. I hope you had on your trusty "big" knickers from Tescos.
I confess, I have no idea where Warwich castle is.Geography isn't my forte.
Karen X

Sian said...

Big, big medieval history fan here, and this is somewhere I have always wanted to go. So I loved poring over these photos!

Thanks so much for your lovely message on my blog yesterday. Much appreciated.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What an amazing Anniversary trip. I'm so glad you took lots of photos. So much fun...and beauty!!!
I hope your shoulder is doing better. I had frozen shoulder once, but was able to work it out with physical therapy, an EMS portable unit I used at home and a wonderful chiropractor.
Take care,
Mary Lou

Fresh Delight said...


Hihi, I bought for myself some Turkish apple tea Jammie!! I hope you can enjoy the Turkish delights so soon as possible again :)But this trip to the Warwick Castle seems fun and beautiful too!

Ps. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blogs!