Saturday, 2 July 2011

Playing Silly Bloggers!!!

Hot on the heels of yesterdays post….so if you missed that one, just keep scrolling!!!!…I would just like to say that recently Blogger has been a right pain in the bum!! For some reason that no-one seems able to fathom, I’m unable to post comments on a random selection of other blogs!! There seems no obvious common denominator at all!!

It’s not until I try & leave a comment that I find the problem…it takes me to the google sign in window…I sign in…I’m back at the comment window & it shows my comment as from ‘Anonymous’…I enter the security word, hit submit & I’m back at the google sign in window again!! Aaaaargh!!!

So, if you’ve not had a comment from me in a while…I am still dropping by on a regular basis…I’m compiling a log of those blogs I’m having no joy with & hopefully some simple solution will present itself…if you have any suggestions, all are welcome!!!

7 All about Eve
So, back on to the post ‘proper’!!  July’s challenge inspiration over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ comes from the movie poster ‘All About Eve’…

As a lifelong fan of Marilyn Monroe I love this film…it’s where she got her big break & you can really see what a natural talent she was!

As usual, when I like a movie poster, my interpretation of it is quite literal!!  I particularly liked the white background & the graphic ‘feel’ of the blocked colours & arrows against the black & white photo’s.

The added criteria for extra points this month are…1) use four colourful arrows 2) use hearts & 3) use half or quarter of a face somewhere on the LO. 

So here’s my take on this months challenge…

8 You 3 
Why not play along with us this month? I’d love to see some entries from you in the ‘Linky’ over at ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ & there are, as always, some awesome prizes of scrappy goodies up for grabs too!!

Thanks for stopping by again!…& I do hope you’re all enjoying a sunny & restful weekend!! :)


furrypig said...

Hi Sandi I had the same problem with leaving comments for ages, Rachel B posted a few different things to try on her blog, the first being to uncheck the 'keep me signed in' box and it seems to have worked. Will watch to see how you get on

Louise said...

great take on the poster.

Sian said...

Google Chrome is again the only thing I can suggest - it worked for me when I couldn't post or comment last week

Denise said...

Gorgeous layuout Sandy and that photo of you and Hilary on the previous post is absolutely lovely - a really happy photo x

JulieJ said...

Love your take on the poster and it isn't nearly as literal as mine!