Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cry Freedom!….

Oh I do love school holidays!! Just knowing that I don’t have to plan my days around school runs & watching the clock is sheer bliss! Added to that the glorious weather we are having at the moment & I am one happy bunny!!

What better way to kick off the Easter Break than an evening at the ‘Three Jolly Scrappers’ crop at Brampton, last night! Unfortunately Ann couldn’t make it this month but the lovely Dawn was there & I sat next to a lovely lady from Peterborough, called Jackie, who kept me entertained!! I worked on completing my third LO from the Dixie Pieces ‘Sew Silhouette’ kit…

9 TheDress 
With the kit having a sewing theme, I had to include a LO about my biggest ever sewing project…my Wedding Dress!! I still have the pattern in it’s envelope, so I was able to quote the lengths of various fabric & notions accurately!! 

‘The Dress’ is now packed away in the loft, along with Lee’s ‘shiny’ wedding suit (well it was 1986!!) & my silk bouquet, made lovingly by my Mum!!  It was nice to have some time to remember all that preparation & how my eldest sister told me that it was such bad luck to make my own dress…she couldn’t have been more wrong!

So, onto other things…I received an email today with some lovely Easter projects in…

Fall2010_front_072710.indd oh I wish I could crochet!! Just look at these….

The bunnies are knitted, so I can do those, but the basket & eggs are crocheted!

Then there’s this little fellow…




He’s crocheted too….so sweet!!!



And what about this one?  He’s knitted so I might have a go at him, but it say’s he’s a lamb….looks more like a mouse in sheep's clothing to me!!!

My Mum used to be the queen of knitted toys…her creations had so much character…I still have a few from my childhood packed away. But I’ve not made toys since the boys were tiny!! Watch this space!!

Finally a date for your diary…Sunday 17th April…

13alphanumeric hop badge

The lovely Mel of ‘I Speak Melsh’ fame is hosting a Blog Hop that promises to be amazing!!  With an ‘Alphanumeric’ theme there are a whole host of bloggers taking part & I’m sure there’ll be the odd ‘Giveaway’ on offer as you travel the circuit from blog to fabulous blog!!! More information to follow!!

I’m off now for a coffee & a bit of TV…but first I must slather some ‘Eight Hour Cream’ on my shins, which are a little pink after being exposed to today's glorious sunshine ‘sans SPF’!!! My legs never catch the sun, so while my upper body was well protected my legs were left alone!! Just watch, in the morning they’ll be white again!!

Thanks for stopping by & I do hope that you are getting your fair share of sunshine this weekend! :)


Sandra said...

What an amazing layout, goodness I'm so impressed, YOU MADE that beautiufl dress? I should think if you can create such an amazing project, learning to crochet will be a walk in the park :)

humel said...

Oh, wow! You made your own dress? Clearly it was worth it :-) I had mine made, I didn't have the skills or confidence to do it myself!!

It gives me such a thrill to see the blog hop badge here - can't wait to see everyone's posts! xx

Jocelyn said...

Look at you....making that beautiful dress!!!! I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe this many wonderful elements and those spools are the best!!!

Enjoy the Spring Break from school...I am looking forward to Evan's time off from school...The weather is just horrible rainy and cold....I wish I could get out for a bit of sun!!!

I too would love to learn to crochet...those pieces are just adorable!!!

Wishing you a Fabulous Day filled with smile!!! Love ya girlie!!! :-)

Sian said...

Sandi, that is just fabulous - the dress and the layout! Are those real little cotton reels on there? I have never heard that about making your dress being bad luck (we got married not that long after you with green bridesmaids dresses and we were told they were unlucky. HA! to that..)

Denise said...

Wow,I'm impressed you made your own wedding dress,it's beautiful-as is your layout.
I met Dawn at the ATDML retreat and she was talikng about the 3JS crop-sounds fun :-)