Thursday, 30 December 2010

All done & dusted…

This has to have been the lowest key Christmas I have ever had! The weather meant that we weren’t able to get Mum-in-Law down to spend the festive season with us, so it was just the four of us. There are quite a few things that I do just for her & myself (trifle & Christmas pudding to name but two!) & as I wasn’t feeling 100% I just didn’t bother! We still had our Turkey dinner & pulled crackers but we have so many chocolates left…not to mention two whole packs of Turkish Delight (Mum-in-Law’s favourite!)…testament to her absence & my feeling yucky…& without her being here we weren’t able to go to a friends annual ‘At Home’ as it was just too far away to go & leave the boys on their own!

ThankYouSanta I still have a huge pile of gifts yet to be distributed…they should have gone back to Hereford when Lee collected Mum-in-Law…so it looks as if we may be having a re-run towards the back end of January!!

However, we were all lucky enough to have plenty of parcels to open on Christmas morning…for the boys mainly ‘Halo’ toys, Nerf guns & X-Box games! Although for the first time Nathan had asked for clothes too, so he had two pairs of skinny jeans & a couple of cool ‘sk8er’ T-shirts!!

I had found a fabulous ‘Star Trek’ book for Lee & along with the obligatory socks, undies & edible treats, he also had some ‘Halo’ toys collectables (I guess men will always be little boys deep down!) & some Hugo Boss smellies!

26 Dec 2010 064

just to show that I must be getting old I was thrilled to get a pair of Skechers slippers…they are bliss!!


Santa must have really been paying attention this year because my stocking was full of scrapping goodness…now what a surprise was that?!!!

26 Dec 2010 069

26 Dec 2010 065





A girl can never have too many Glue dots, Thickers or Tim Holtz supplies!  He had even located a Martha Stewart deep border punch I have been coveting for some time!  I also have three new Marilyn Monroe books to add to my collection…titles I hadn’t even seen before!! Did I say I was spoiled?!!

26 Dec 2010 066


But the gift that I was blown away by….& Karen will appreciate why as I’ve coveted hers ever since she brought one back from the US…& had had no luck in finding AYWHERE,  was a camera grip strap!

See, it’s not so difficult to make me happy!!!

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time & were spoiled rotten too!  I’m looking forward to reading your accounts on my blog visits!

We still have some snow on the ground, although it is definitely melting away. Thank goodness for temperatures above freezing these last two days!

I’ve been keeping the bird feeder topped up…a job that next doors cat obviously feels I need supervision for, as he accompanies me every time! I think he feels he may get an opportunity to grab any over eager diners!!

mr crow



One very canny regular diner has learned to grab whole crusts of bread & sit atop next doors garage roof so he doesn’t have to share with the hoards & can keep a close eye on said cat!! I’m getting quite fond of Mr Crow & his rattling call!


As I’m mentioning the cat I have to share this photo…

…I thought I was seeing double when I walked into our bedroom on Boxing Day!! Next Doors cat seems to have taken a shine to the cat cushion that sits on our bed!  I wonder why?!!


I’ll leave you with a picture I received in an email which made me smile…


…it was entitled ‘Ooops!’ I wonder which airline this was & if they have that on there all year round?!!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you’ll be back soon! Wishing you all a very Happy Scrappy New Year!!  : )


Sian said...

oops, indeed! I haven't seen that one before. Very funny!

So you'll be having Christmas Mark Two then with another present swap. We have a few things left to distribute too, but all the snow has gone now thank goodness

A very scrappy New Year to you too x

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like it was quiet, but very enjoyable...and some great gifts....with yet more to come....a second christmas even!!
Sorry you still felt a bit yucky...but at least it saved you eating too much...unlike me!!!!!

karen said...

I can still hear the orgasms now over those thickers!!! You will love the hand strap,its back on my camera again.
We have no snow left here now ,just black rotting shrubs.
Happy 2011 xxx

debs14 said...

Someone once told me that you know you are getting old when you look at a pair of shoes and think 'Oh they look comfy' so now I am officially old, how snuggly do those slippers look?!!!
Looks like you had a good Christmas even though it wasn't quite how you thought it would be, hope Christmas #2 in January is good fun and the turkish delight hasn't gone out of date by then!
Have a good 2011 x