Monday, 15 November 2010

It wasn’t meant to be all about food!…but…

This week I went along to my Weight Watchers meeting to learn all about the new ‘Pro-Points’ programme!  Nov152010 020Quite a lot has changed, but it’s still the same old principal…Eat the ‘right’ food in appropriate quantities, move more & lose weight! It’s the first one I have an issue with!! BUT…having to focus more on the new programme has meant that this far (six days in!) I have had a text book week & have definitely not gone hungry at all!

It all comes down to the planning, which stops me reaching for convenience foods!  This week we have enjoyed a curry, pasta arrabiatta, homemade soup & even a roast…with pudding!

Nov152010 018 Nov152010 008





The pudding started out as a basic apple crumble, but then I discovered I had some Blueberries in the freezer & threw them in as well!  It was a lovely juicy combination!!

Nov152010 025

Nathan had a DT class this week… the recipe they sent home was for ‘Aubergine Muffins’?!!! Well, we don’t do Aubergines!!! So I sent him in with carrots instead!…& very nice they turned out too…all cheesy & soft…& 9 ‘Pro-Points’ each!!! So I only had the one!


Nov152010 029 I’m sorry Mel…I had my first mince pie this week too! (7 ‘Pro-Points’!!) Well, Tesco had this amazing offer of ‘Buy One Get TWO Free’ on Mr Kipling mince pies, which meant they turned out at 50p per box of six, so I stocked up!! I couldn’t bake them myself for that price!!

Nov152010 024 On the ‘Move More’ side….I saw this flyer & decided I’d give it a try!  Years ago I used to do an Aerobics class at least twice a week & thought that this must be similar! Accompanied by my good friend Kali, I set off on Thursday evening in loose comfy clothing (no Lycra for me these days!!) to see what it was all about!

Well…the hall was full! Ages ranged from low teens to eighties, there were male & female, skinny & extremely large bodies & the class was taken by Tony…a very cute black guy with a body to die for & Boy! could he move!

It was such FUN!!! I was beetroot red before the warm up was finished…I guzzled my way through a whole litre of water in the hour that we danced!…& I mean danced!!!  We Salsa’d, we belly danced, we reggae’d, we jived, we calypso’d  & even did ‘Zorba the Greek’…double time!!  I will admit to fluffing the steps repeatedly & collapsing with giggles once or twice!  But…I did not stop! In spite of being completely breathless & drenched in perspiration at the end…it was a whole hour of thorough enjoyment & I would recommend it to everyone!!

On Saturday I went along to a workshop at ‘Crafting Time’ in Shepreth. Hilary was there & it was lovely to meet Denise in the flesh too!

Nov152010 001Marie took the class & we all created a lovely ‘7 Gypsies’ book using all sorts of different techniques.Nov152010 003 


I’m not a ‘messy’ person by nature so some things went against the grain, but I got stuck in & am very pleased with my end result!!

Nov152010 002We learned how to ‘book bind’ using the stitching technique, which was a bit fiddly, but it gives such a neat & professional result. Time didn’t allow me to do the ‘waxing’ of the book cover bit, but I’ll be finishing mine off at Thursday evening crop (Thanks again Marie!) so I’ll share it with you in my next post!

Nov152010 036

Finally, something to make you smile! While I was unpacking Nathans unused DT ingredients, I left the empty bag on the table. I heard a rustling & I turned around to find the cat had made himself very comfortable in said bag & he stayed there, watching me bustling around the kitchen until I had to turf him out to be able to lay the table for dinner!!  I do enjoy his visits!!

So that’s it for now! I have completed my first LO for my first ‘From Screen To Scrap’ DT  submission, but I can’t share any more on that with you until it’s ‘up’ over there…suffice to say it was great fun to do & please do check out the challenge for yourself in December!! The submissions for Novembers ‘Casablanca’' Challenge are looking good too!

Thanks for taking the time to drop by! Wishing you all a great week! :)


scrappyjacky said...

That dancing class sounds like so much fun....and a great way to get your 'moving' done!!

debs14 said...

Hmmm I've already told Denise off for not telling me about that crop when it isn't far from me!
Zumba totally confuses me, after 10 mins my feet can't keep up with what my brain is telling me to do, but it is totally exhausting isn't it so it must be good for you! And I do love to dance !

karen said...

Glad to hear you had a great time at the workshop.I shall be having an early night on Thursday,i've got an early start and a long day ahead.
Teddy loves my shopping bags as well.He always ends up with his head stuck in the handle.He always checks them out in case I have bought choc chip shortbread again.He said it was delicious.

Dawn said...

Food isn't a bad thing to be writing about - hope the new plan is working well for you, sounds very interesting what I've heard about it. Not sure about all that dancing though, me bits would wobble far too much :-) Will look forward to seeing your finished book. Hugs D xx

cate said...

good girl for joining weight watchers! hope you reach your goal!

Denise said...

It was lovely to see you at the class too - it kept us busy didn't it?Love that photo of the cat - don't they make you smile?:-)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh...kudos to you, Sandi!!! Eating better and moving more. I feel like a slug these days. Still trying to re-coop from that wonderful wedding. : )
Don't overdo it in the dance class. It really does sound like a lot of fun! : )

humel said...

I'll forgive you your mince pie, especially as I've spent the morning sorting out Christmas presents!! I always make my own though, partly to make sure the mincemeat is nut-free. Last year I discovered a super recipe which topped the pie with sponge instead of pastry, YUM!