Saturday, 4 September 2010

Thoughts from Thursday!…

So…what did I learn yesterday?

After complaining about the briefness of our Summer here in the UK, lamenting the passing of warm days & the onset of almost Monsoon conditions (without the humidity obviously!!) I pulled up the blinds yesterday morning to brilliant, gorgeous, fabulous, energy giving sunshine!

2010Sept03 002So my wonderful lesson learned was that maybe, just maybe, Summer isn’t over just yet!!

The sky was blue with fluffy white clouds, my rambling rose producing new, tiny pink buds & the temperature was warm enough to warrant slipping on a sundress!

And I got so much done!!! I washed down paintwork, weeded the borders, hung out numerous loads of washing, each one dry by the time the next was hung out!  What is it about sunny weather that just supercharges my energy levels?!!

I sat a while, just soaking up the sunshine & snapped a few shots of my (still) nice & tidy garden…I’m so pleased that I’ve managed to keep on top of it all this year!!

2010Sept03 018 On the theme of being out in the sunshine, take a look at how my Chinese Lanterns are coming along!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…Thanks Anna, for sending me the roots in the post back in Spring!

2010Sept03 020Seeing these delicate lanterns developing takes me right back to my childhood, when my Mum grew these in the garden & used them in her flower arrangements.

Someone told me recently that they are actually a weed, but I love them! I must admit that I planted them in a container though, because like Mint & Bindweed, planted in the ground they’d take over, & I have enough to contend with, with the Brambles from the fields next door!!!

Finally…today the boys went back to school!! (Did I say Yay!!) I guess you could say that I learned to appreciate how quiet the house CAN be!!!

2010Sept03 003 They are both now together at the same school, which will simplify the school run somewhat, but I was so proud of them when I dropped them off this morning, they just looked so smart…

Nathan was sporting his new ‘Justin Beiber’ haircut, which I had to help blow-dry this morning!! He is such a poser!!! But I think it’s quite nice that he cares about his appearance!

2010Sept03 010


Of course, for Alex, he was returning for his second year & to his new timetable of selected exam subjects, so he was quite nervous. But both boys cam home smiling, having enjoyed their days.

Nathan had earned his first ‘Personal Achievement’ point (what were called ‘House Points’ in my day),  so he was pleased with himself!!

But what will I be documenting as my lesson learned for today? There are a few to choose from, so I’ll share that with you tomorrow, when I’ve had a chance to decide & scrap!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend…just hope the sun keeps shining!!!! :)


Amy said...

Sounds like you have had a great day Sandi! I'm envious of how you have maintained your garden - I need to take a leaf from your book :-)
By the way, how is the book from 'Pass the Book' going?

Mary B said...

Wow love the scrap page the ring of bling round the rose is a good idea and those butterflies are lovely.
Your Chinese lanterns are fantastic
I agree wholeheartedly with you as to the effect that a sunshiny day make to our energy levels.
Your boys take a great photo and I love Nathan's hair, he is going to turn heads that's for sure.

scrappyjacky said...

So agree about the sun....this late summer warmth and brightness is wonderful....long may it last.

karen said...

Alex,looks just like Lee in this shot.
And oh no,Nathan is turning into you.He'll have to get up two hours before school just to get his hair ready for the day!!!!

Sian said...

A very evocative post Sandi..I could just feel that sun on my back and see that lovely garden. And I'm appreciating a bit of quiet round here too. All the best with the new school year! (Lovely LSNED page too)

humel said...

Gorgeous page, Sandi :-) We've been enjoying sunshine this week - hence my sunburn!! And your boys look so smart and grown up xx

beverleyb said...

HI Sandi,
thanks for the garden shots, thats something I miss here in the desert,lol. Now in summer its too hot to go to one of the few public gardens to sit in the sun & watch nature.sounds like you had a very productive day.

Jocelyn said...

Love your is PERFECT!!!

Oh my the pics of the boys are wonderful!!! I love the new hair and that smile...made me smile...Oh they are growing up!!!!

Love those Chinese Laterns...oh I need some of those!!!! I still have blooming flowers and the temps here are the 80's...not so Summer is still here!!!

Wishing you a great weekend!!!