Friday, 17 September 2010

Pass the Book Inspiration & next adoptee…




OK…it’s Friday &, as promised, time to announce the next adoptee of this wonderful book…


I had 14 names to put into the hat…

1   ScrappingMomOf3 (aka Heather!)
2   Debs14
3   Jennifer
4   humel (aka Mel)
5   mel askew
6   scrappyjacky
7   helena
9   Amanda
10 SarahLP
11 Deb
12 scrapchick
13 Rhona
14 laurie b

But before I announce the winning number, pulled from the hat by my able (if not very glamorous) assistant, Alex. I’d like to share a little of the inspiration I found in this book.

Each & every woman featured in this book has their own style & it was reflected in their work environment. While I may not have a huge dedicated studio, I do have a space I can call my own, in which to create. I like to think it does reflect something of my taste & personality, if only that I am incredibly anal about things being kept neat & tidy!!

What I gleaned from this book, was a whole raft of ideas for stylish storage, along with even more ideas for displaying my creations…the end result, hopefully, being a creative space that not only looks good, but gets the old mojo fired up & makes it easier to access ALL of my stash, instead of my forgetting what I actually have!

On a more literal level, I love the cover of this book…the picture just draws me in & the colours are so calm & soft! So I used those colours as a starting point to put together a LO which sums up how I will be putting my inspiration from this book to good use!!

September17 2010 005
I think I will make this my official mantra!! “There should be a place for everything & everything in its place” …says it all really!  As an aside, I had actually planned to zig-zag stitch the patchwork pieces together, but my Singer wouldn’t play I ended up just straight stitching around the edge of each piece!

So…who will be the next to enjoy this wondrous tome?  Roll on the drums please…& the winning number is…Oooh! unlucky for some…it’s number 13

So that’s lucky for..


The rest of you will have to keep an eye on Rhona’s blog for when she’s ready to ‘Pass the Book’ on again!!

Rhona, please email me with your postal address & I’ll get this off to you asap!

Thanks to all for taking part, do drop by again soon! : )


humel said...

Congrats, Rhona :-) Great to hear how much it's inspired you Sandi - I love your layout! xx

Sian said...

Now I'm looking forward to hearing what Rhona thinks of it :)

Your layout is fabulous Sandi - I'd love to scraplift it. Thank you so much for carrying on with the inspiration x

ScrappingMomOf3 said...

LOVE that page, Sandi!

scrappyjacky said...

Congrats to Rhona.....and that is a wonderful LO you've made,Sandi.

S said...

Great layout. Good luck keeping to your new principle - I would only be able to keep up with the first half as I like organizing things, just not "reorganizing" them after I have used them.