Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bank Holiday Weather, My Favourite Day & an Award…!

We awoke this morning to glorious sunshine & as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, I had hoped that we would get out & about. While we drank a leisurely coffee, made & brought back to bed by my lovely hubby, he scrolled through a list of local events online…whatever did we do before i-phones?!!!

We selected one or two options & I jumped in the shower, while hubby went off to wake the boys & let them know our plans. This is where it all went pear-shaped!!!

The British weather sure knows how to play a game…I should have known that a Bank Holiday weekend could almost be guaranteed to be wet…& sure enough, before we’d even finished breakfast the sun had disappeared behind some very threatening clouds! We took the decision to take a literal rain check on the options for a day out…all had been outdoor events & why spend good money just to huddle under umbrella’s while standing ankle deep in mud?!!

There was one weather highlight though……

…a rainbow never fails to bring a smile to my face!

So what have I done with my day instead?  Attempted to make a dent in the ironing?  No…I’ve had a lovely time at my scrap desk, preparing my album cover & pages for ‘Learn Something New Every Day’…4 days & counting!!!

Tonight is the cut off for the latest challenge over at ‘These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things’…this time ‘My Favourite Day’ & coincidentally that would be today, or rather Saturday’s in general & here is my LO…

Apart from the occasional scrap related trip out for me, Saturdays are our family day…the day when we don’t have to watch the clock, but just enjoy the day & each others company.  Sometimes we may have a day out planned, other times we are all at home, pottering around doing our own thing!  But whatever we do, it’s the best day of the week!!

Finally, the lovely Denise, over at ‘Dens Crafty Diary’ has kindly passed on an award to me, along with some very kind words, so THANK YOU Denise!!!

August28CThe rules say that I must say Thanks to the sender, post the award on my blog , tell you three things about myself & pass the award on to five more people. So, with the first two done, here are three bits of trivia about me…

1. I am completely deaf in my left ear. It was picked up at primary school but there was nothing to be done, so I just live with it. It is surprisingly common & I guess you don’t miss what you’ve never known!

2. I’m a closet Trekkie!!! In fact Nathan was nearly called Tiberius (which is what the ‘T’ in James T Kirk stands for)…it was all on the toss of a coin!! I was under the influence of Morphine, post C-section at the time, but it was a close call!!! 

3. I am a huge Marilyn Monroe fan…she has fascinated me all my life. She died when I was three but her films have kept her legend alive & I now own many on VHS/DVD along with a small library’s worth of books…in fact my scrap room walls are adorned with my favourite Black & White shots of her… a true icon!

And a picture that I love….

a maze ing

This was taken on Fathers Day back in 2008 & was one of those photo’s that just turned out perfectly!  We were in a timber maze in a local park & I was lucky to get them all to do want I wanted while I snapped away! I’ve scrapped it twice, once as part of a double LO with other photo’s taken that day, entitled ‘A-Maze-ing’ & on a one photo single LO called ‘My Guys’. How often do I manage to get all three of my guys in a photo together & all smiling?…very rarely!!!! 

I just love it!!!

So, who am I going to pass this award on to?  Well, I’ll  choose from those Blogger chums who I don’t think have already received it from someone else & pass it onto…

1 . Karen…my good friend, scrap buddy & travel companion. Multi talented scrapper, photographer & anything else you care to mention!!! Do visit her blog ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ for a chuckle & some inspiration!

2. Sian…at ‘High In The Sky’…another talented scrapper & amazing storyteller. Her blog should be syndicated, it’s such a delight to read!

3. Jocelyn… a very dear stateside blogging chum who shares her wonderful creations & day to day life on her blog ‘Simply Me’…do pop over & check out her wonderful attitude to life!

4. Mel…who is celebrating her first anniversary of blogging with a giveaway over at ‘I Speak Melsh’…well worth checking out!

5. Mary Lou, another stateside blogging chum who’s blog is just wonderful! She is currently preparing for her daughters wedding & sharing everything! Sigh!!
Do pop over & be inspired yourself at ‘House Of Whimsy’.

So that’s it for now, thanks for dropping by & come back soon!!  : )


humel said...

Aww, thanks hun xx Muchly appreciated!

Great layout, and love your photo - interesting facts, too, especially about the deafness, it was an 'I never knew that!' moment! :-)

scrappyjacky said...

Sorry about your weather...hate to rub it in...but here on the south coast we've had a glorious day....with an outing to Port Lymne.
Love that LO....and agree with the 'Saturday' sentiment.

Lizzie said...

Yay, some great choices for your blog award!

Love the layout about Saturdays. I like weekends too - less rush, less hurry, less jobs!

Pity about the weather being bad where you live and spoiling your plans. We live near Bedford and the sun was shining when we went out at 9:50. In fact, it shone all morning; about 3:30 it got very overcast and then poured with rain for about 2 hours. Then out came the sun again! Typical late August Bank Holiday weekend really. Of course, we were all indoors this morning, at various places and the rain started once we were home and wanting to be in the garden! Ah well, I got time to try out my new toys in my studio... there's always a consolation somewhere!

karen said...

If you didn't take 2 hours to get ready in the mornings you may have got out before it rained!!!It didn't rain here until 5pm for just 20 minutes.
we were going to Norfolk tomorrow but we don't fancy our chances it will be a day at home relaxing.
Denise has already given me the award but thanks anyway.

Jocelyn said...

Oh that rainbow is sorry that the weather turned bad...but the pic is awesome!!!!

Loved reading how you spend your Saturday and wow that LO is just wonderful!!!!

Now what an awesome friend you are for passing this award along to me...I just adore you and I am so honored!!!! I will post on Monday!!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend....smiles sweet friend!!!

EverydayMe said...

that lo is so fab... I love the photo... and I love that the journalling is on it... fab fab fab.... I totally agree... family and no schedules makes for a wonderful day and time together... hope you're enjoying it today.... thank you so much for playing along!!!!

btw... that rainbow photo is so awesome...

Jeanet said...

Wow, that's a beautiful rainbow, love them!
Love your layout, beautiful design and I love the journaling on the photo!
Thank you so much for playing along with us!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! Sandi... I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo!!! AWESOME photo and COLORS!! Thanks sooooooooooooo much my dearest for playing along with FAVE THINGS!!!! YOU ROCK!!! And I totally LOVE reading the random things about you and that photo...just *SWOON* babe... *SWOON!* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sian said...

Oh, thank you Sandi! And what a lovely thing to say :) I really enjoy coming over here too x

Your layout is beautiful - I love the way the photo has room for the journalling, it just fits in so well. Maybe the sun will shine today and you'll get out and about: we are hoping for yesterday's abandoned BBQ today.

Thanks again

Denise said...

Love the layout and looks like you had a good day regardless of the weather anyway :-)

Becky said...

Love your layout - it is gorgeous! Also love the photo of your family in the woodyard!