Monday, 19 July 2010

Messing About On The River!…..

This weekend saw Bedford overtaken with all sorts of festivities, mainly focussed around the Great River Ouse! With Parades, both on & off the water, funfairs & thrill rides, multiple stages for entertainment of all types, a bit of history in a Viking village, International food market, ‘New Age’ village etc etc etc, it is a magnificent two-yearly event that attracts thousands.

Dragon Boat Racing! On Saturday, Hubby was taking part, along with other members of the school staff, in the Dragon Boat racing. They first tried it in 2008 & whilst they didn’t win, enjoyed it so much they couldn’t wait to have another go this time around!

I will admit that these photo’s are from 2008…I didn’t actually get to the festival this year! We had intended to go on Saturday evening & stay for the fireworks, but when Lee returned home, he was so exhausted that he flaked out on the sofa & I didn't have the heart to drag him back out again!!riverfest 044

They took part in three heats of races & Lee says that they were doing quite well in the first two, but as there was a four hour wait between the second & the final race, they’d all had something to eat (read ‘Burger & chips’) & drink (read ‘Beer’) & so somehow, they’re performance took a nosedive & as they were soundly thrashed by the ‘Gold’s Gym’ team (no surprise there then!) things dissolved into a splashing match to the extent that they almost sank the boat!!

Just wish I’d been there this year to capture that with my trusty camera!! Ah well…you get the general idea!! 

riverfest 125   
I’ve been at work for two days in a row…so I’m even further behind with the prompts over at LYPLYP, but I did have a play with the ‘texture’ menu in Photofiltre…I don’t have access to Photoshop & Saturdays prompt was a tutorial on adding texture to photo’s…so I improvised! 

I used this photo…22June2010 015






canvas& did this… 






Although I use Photofiltre for cropping, resizing & colour adjusting, I had never looked at the texture menu, so I had some fun trying out the different effects! This one was ‘Vintage Canvas’…I will definitely be revisiting this option!!

I have one son already off for the summer & the other finishing school on Wednesday, so I’ll be playing it by ear as to how much creativity is allowed to flow! Nathan & I are off to the swimming baths tomorrow, as I missed my gym visit this morning!! Gotta keep it going!!!!

Thanks for dropping by & Happy Monday to All!! :)


Jocelyn said...

What great pics....looks like lots of fun!!! Love what you did with the pic....awesome!!!

I know what you mean about the creating seems I cannot seem to find any time!!!

Enjoy the time with the boys!!! :-)

karen said...

I don't get why you didn't go to watch the race this year??????????????????????????????????????

humel said...

Love the texture you've achieved there :-)

But burgers and beer aren't conducive to a great achievement in a race? Who'd have thought it?!

Abi said...

Love the textured photos and the racing looks like fun! x