Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Narrowing it down…..

Today I went on a camera hunt! After extensive comparisons of specifications, prices, ‘bundle offers’ etc etc etc….& armed with a little more knowledge (gleaned from the current ‘YLTTL’ on line course I am taking part in) about what I want & need from a DSLR, I hit the shops to handle & test drive a few!

I am now at a point of choosing between two models…

Canon1000D the Canon 1000D…


or the Canon 450D…

My original choice of the oh so pretty & compact Panasonic Lumix-G having been blown out of the water by it’s incompatibility with the wider choice of lenses & accessories!! As it is, I have been given some extra time to choose, as everywhere was out of stock! Seems like they’re both VERY popular camera’s!!

I had just about concluded my trip when I received a phone call from school to tell me that Nathan was feeling poorly! He & his brother have both been a bit ‘chesty’ this week & Nathan has complained of a headache & hasn’t been sleeping well, so I picked him up & took him along to my Slimming World group….I was not going to miss weigh in for the sake of a snuffly boy!! How mean is that?!!

Well, to be fair, there can’t be much wrong with him as he munched his way though his lunchbox during the session!! There’s something quite entertaining about a small boy eating crisps & a chocolate muffin in the company of people discussing the ‘how & why’ of losing weight!!! I lost 1 1/2lb this week by the way!!! My fist stone off looms ever closer!!!

invalid!Once we were home, I settled him down on the sofa to watch TV…pillows…duvet & hot water bottle were provided & his cuddly Panda asked for! I got on with a few chores & then left to collect Alex…when we got back, Nathan looked so pitiful, eyes all red rimmed & wrapped up in his duvet! But…within half an hour I could hear him bossing his brother around as to what game they should play on the X-Box! So methinks he will be going to school in the morning…after a good dose of Medised & an early night tonight!!!!

On the scrap front…I am clearing my desk for the upcoming Dixie Pieces third annual ‘Beat the Blues’ crop, which takes place this Fri-Sun. So go check it out & join in!! There is a simply AWESOME prize on offer…& if you can’t be around this weekend…no problem because you have until midnight (PST) on the 18th to get your challenge entries in. But if you can..the games are just so much fun!

So…I’m off to give my little invalid a cuddle before he goes to bed & then DH & I are settling down to watch a new TV series ‘Caprica’…the prequel to ‘Battlestar Galactica’…where we will find out how the ‘Cylons’ came about!!

Can’t you tell we love Sci-Fi ?!!!

Thanks for dropping by… : )


Anna said...

Now, you see, what Nathan really needed wasn't a duvet but a Snugglie wotsit thingie with arms! ;)(Now available in limited edition leopard print at Superdrug for a short time only!)
Glad he's feeling better! Enjoy the sci-fi ... :)

Jocelyn said...

Congrats on the weight loss....good for you!!!

Hope your little one feels better...Evan is off school today! His Momma is taking him to see the doctor....he said his throat hurts terrbile!!! Oh dear and I just spent the day with him!!!

Love the two cameras...can't wait to see which one you pick!!!

Wishing you a great week sweet friend...we are expecting more snow......HELP!!!!!! Another 6 inches on the way!!! Just Fun!!!!

karen said...

I have the Canon EOS 400D from Ebay.Came in all its original boxes with two lenses.3 batteries and battery grip.Bargain.