Thursday, 4 February 2010

The deed is done!….

OK…so I have bitten the bullet & placed an on-line order for my new toy! I found a really good deal on both of the models that I had narrowed it down to, but have opted for the Canon EOS 450D…so I will now be waiting with excitement for the postie to deliver..hopefully soon!!!

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying the YLTTL on line class…working with my little point & shoot camera…I cannot wait, now, to put it all into practice again with a DSLR…& fully grasp what all those letter & number settings actually produce!

Here are some photo’s I’ve produced for various assignments…beaing in mind the restrictions of my little Olympus! 

Leave space

        Leaving space…..



blur the background


Blurring the background….



 2Feb2010 005


       Filling the frame….



There have been a couple of assignments that I just haven’t been able to do…but I will be working on them asap!!    Watch this space……


Anna said...

Oo ... how exciting!! Hope you don't have long to wait :)

karen said...

We can learn together.
Its like speaking another language.
I was never great at languages????

Sian said...

Ok, so if that's what you can do with your point and shoot, I can't wait to see what you come up with when your new camera arrives! You have a great eye.

humel said...

Oh, how jealous am I?! I love the photos you've produced already too x