Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Life in balance…

Over the past week I have spent three solid hours working out at the gym….I had a full resistance training session with Nick, who pushed me well out of my comfort zone & left my thigh & deltoid muscles screaming….I had my usual swim & sauna session, completing 24 lengths in a record 32 strokes each & finally an hour of mixed Cardio using bike, treadmill & elliptical trainer!!  Add to that, that I have kept to plan, food wise, & you will maybe understand how I felt at weigh in yesterday, being told that I had GAINED 1lb this week!!!! Aaaargh!!!

On the plus side though…& keeping it all in balance…I have had a wonderful few days getting to grips with my new toy!!!….see I warned you about how unbearable I’d be!!  My walk for week 5 of ‘52 walks 2010’ took me along Embankment1Bedford Embankment. The afternoon was bright, if bitterly cold & there were just a few brave souls out strolling! So I had no trouble in getting a few good shots without having to avoid including strangers in my pictures!



While I walked along one bank, the sky was blue & the sun bright. The clouds were white & fluffy & I wondered how the weathermen had got the days forecast so wrong!! 

Embankment3Then, as I walked the other way, I notice the dark clouds moving in, in the distance!  I was glad that I had chosen the time that I had to take my walk as they were moving very quickly!! 



Within moments of the above shot, the blue sky was completely taken over by heavy grey clouds & there were hailstones like marbles raining down!

Thank goodness we British never go anywhere without an umbrella!!! LOL!! I took masses of shots to experiment but these few were my favourites…along with a few others I put together this mosaic to submit to the ‘52 walks 2010’ group gallery.


Bedford’s symbols is the swan & there are plenty about..they look so graceful! I loved the shadow cast by the iron bench… & the little red ‘Dog Waste’ depositories…very elegant!!  I am so enjoying my new toy!!

OK..too finish..another layout completed for the Dixie Pieces ‘Beat the Blues Crop’ This challenge was ‘Pick 5’…5 items were chosen by participants & the challenge was to use just those..of course, cardstock, glue & pen/pc could be used as basics, but the ‘5’ were Spring/summer photo(s), ribbon, ink, chipboard & brads. It was tough but here’s what I did…
HosefunresizeThis is Alex, aged about 2 years with ‘Pappa G’…the journaling reads “Summer 1998…Alex finds out how much fun you can have with a hose! Pappa G shows him how it’s done & gets soaked for his trouble”

I’m working my way through the rest of the challenges…the deadline is February 18th…so I’m hoping to get them all done…watch this space!!

Thanks for dropping by!


karen said...

You've gained muscle.It weighs more than fat.Plus your hairs probably grown an inch!!!

Sian said...

Um, I don't even know where my deltoid muscles I think you are doing brilliantly! It looks like you are really enjjoying that new camera :)

humel said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos :-) Love the shadow of the bench in particular, but they're all lovely! Great layout, too.

And I agree that the 1lb probably has a lot to do with muscle after all that exercise - and don't forget that often the effort seems to pay off the following week (I have no idea why this is, but I know it to be true!) x

valerie said...

stunning shots of the river I don't know about you but I take it way too much for granted see you saturday:)