Thursday, 11 February 2010

Gadgets & Goodies….

It occurred to me today that I had neglected to update you on my recent cinema visit!!  Last Sunday, Amanda & I went to see ‘Up in the Air’ with George Clooney…upintheair1_largeNow….to say that this film lacked a beginning, middle & end is the only way I can be positive about it!! It’s only saving grace was George himself…but even so, I struggled to keep my eyes open towards the final scenes & was left thinking…is that it?!!  This is maybe why I ‘forgot’ to comment on it earlier!!!!

Today I was supposed to have spent the morning with my good friend Karen…we were to have ventured out with our cameras on a walk near her home. But…we woke this morning to a generous covering of snow & below freezing temperatures, the roads were slippery  & I passed two car collisions on the school run, so I took a rain check!!!  Instead I blitzed my kitchen…washed down all the cupboard doors etc etc…& baked some cupcakes for the boys as Nathan had a friend from school home for tea tonight…cupcakesresize2Now, I have a glass dome that covers this cake stand & when Nathan saw them he asked who the teensy one in the middle was for?  Bemused I looked to see what he meant….cupcakesresize1 How funny is that!!!

We had an ‘Even better than that!!’ moment this week….Lee went out to fill the car up with diesel & came home with a new gadget! It was reduced to half price in Tesco…coolerresize  

We are trying to drink more water ourselves as well as wean the boys off fizzy water…as much as anything to keep costs down!!  We have had a filter jug in the fridge but that just took up too much shelf space, so when Lee saw this he had a light bulb moment!!  We have it on a timer & we now have 4 litres of chilled, filtered water available throughout the day!!

I must share with you  a photo of a boy in his natural habitat…taken moments after arriving home & still in school uniform…this is how Alex will probably spend much of his half term break…reclining in front of the TV with X-Box controller & TV remote within easy reach!!  That’s if he can get through one last school day!!!

boyinreposeresizeI guess at least I’ll know where he is…for the moment!!! 

This Saturday is the Crafty Stash crop at Tempsford  & I am looking forward to working on the class kit LO’s…the sneak peeks are very appealing & apparently there are THREE LO’s to complete…I usually only get one finished during the crop, so I’ll have to improve my game!! I’m off now to sort out my photo’s…colour or B&W??? Hmmmm?!!!


Finally…I have been inspired in my weight loss quest by a new friend in Blogland…Krissy…Do pop over to her blog & check out her story for yourself…I will be following her weekly ‘Weigh in Wednesdays’ & hoping to keep up!! 

Wishing everyone a fab Valentines weekend!! xxx  


Krissy said...

Those cupcakes are looking mighty good right about now haha!!

karen said...

Lee cracks me up ,what he buys.Chris would NEVER dare spend any of his hard earned money.Thats my job!!!!!! He asks if he can buy himself a new primark T shirt.We didn't have any snow here?Teddy missed his walk.

humel said...

Mmmmm, George Clooney :-)

Mmmmm, cupcakes :-)

lol at the teeny one in the middle!!

Jocelyn said...

I saw this movie and I felt the same as you did...I kept asking Joe when the movie was going to be over!!!! Even George did not do that much for me!!!

The cupcakes look so yummy!!

I am having a terrbile time posting to your please know that I am reading it but cannot get my comments to post!!

Sian said...

Shame about the film :( But hurrah for half term:) I have a dark haired playstation player just changing out of his uniform now..that's his weekend sorted. Have a good one!

Tammy said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy! I am always amazed at the "uniform" your sons wear to school. You can't even get young people in America to keep their pants pulled up let alone where a suit and tie! Good for your boys - I admire that!

Mary said...

I'm glad I didn't go to see that one then Sandi. I thought I'd wait for it to come out on DVD - looks like I made a good decision! LOL

Aren't you good baking cupcakes.......if I baked anything, I'd probably end up eating it myself!