Thursday, 3 December 2009

A very wet day three!…..

Do you know anyone who scuppers your plans for the perfect Christmas gift by buying said item for themselves just three weeks before the big day?!!!…I do!!

My darling Hubby is such a person! He is an avid Science Fiction buff & collects memorabilia for Star Wars, Star Trek & more recently Halo (an X-Box game!) So, in October the boys & I were delighted to find, in a shop in Milton Keynes, a new range of Halo vehicles & chose one of the aircraft as Hubby’s Christmas gift from the boys. They have both done so well in keeping it secret ….not a word has been said…not a hint has been dropped!

On Monday, a parcel arrived from Amazon for Hubby…once opened he brought it’s contents to show me…imagine my dismay when I saw it was the very same aircraft that has been hidden in my scrap room for six weeks!! Aaaargh!! Lee did ask me to keep it aside & he would have it at Christmas…so….

… what to do? Well, what I did do was to drive over to Milton Keynes today…in pouring rain & through all the road works on the A421…it took three times as long as usual, but I did manage to exchange the vehicle for another in the range & hopefully the boys won’t notice!!

While I was there I took a few minutes 3Dec09 009
to look at the Christmas decorations in the main mall & they were lovely, so
colourful! The theme is a circus & the children take a train ride around the
main hall to visit Santa in his ‘Big Top’…I used to love taking my boys to see
Santa when they were small.

3Dec09 004
There was a full sized Carousel complete with galloping horses, & a full sized Helter-Skelter which made me think of childhood trips to the funfair!

As I was there just after opening time this morning, it wasn’t busy, but I can imagine the whole place would have been abuzz by lunchtime!

I was very pleased to see that in 3Dec09 008
amongst all this colour & sparkle was a reminder of what Christmas is really all about. This beautiful Nativity scene stopped me in my tracks & while I love the whole Santa thing, I do think children definitely need the balance of understanding why it is that we give gifts at Christmas.

So after a quick visit to Ikea….I picked up candles, ribbons, bows & gingerbread hearts for the tree…I came home to re-conceal the exchanged gift & tidy up a bit before heading off to pick up the boys from school!

So…it’s day three of JYC & today’s prompt was about Christmas cards! So here is the page I put together for 2008…JYC page 3 resize

Funnily enough the card design I have chosen for this year is very similar & is again sold in aid of the ‘Breast Cancer Care’ charity.

I am off now to fix high tea for three hungry boys (Nathan has a friend home tonight!) & prepare a meal for Lee & I to have a little later, & then I think I may just sink into a hot bath & have an early night…I feel as if I’ve had a very busy day!!!

As always…thanks again for dropping by!


Anna said...

You know, they've moved the nativity scene so that it's displayed more prominently - quite rightly! It was tucked round the side almost out of sight to start with. I think there must have been complaints.
Lovely photos Sandi. Glad you managed to get that present sorted. Hope you have a relaxing evening :)

karen said...

Milton Keynes looks fantastic.I always used to take my kids.If it wasn't for the traffic jams I would have loved a trip there.It was a nightmare getting to Cambridge as well.Roadworks everywhere.

Jocelyn said...

Love these pics and the LO!!!! So cute!!! Wishing you a great weekend!!!