Friday, 4 December 2009

A bit of ‘Bingo’ anyone?…& Day Four…

Today has gone by in a flash & I’m not sure where!! It started off well, we were out of the house on time, the boys deposited at school without fuss, I drove home to have my breakfast & then made my way to the gym. This is where it all becomes a blur!!

After my hour workout & shower, I met, as planned, my good friends Donna & Valerie for a lunchtime session of bingo….as an excuse to catch up on the gossip, eat an inexpensive lunch & maybe win a few quid into the bargain!! As our forays into the world of bingo are usually restricted to an occasional Wednesday evening, we were surprised at how few people there were but thought that a good thing…fewer people, better odds on winning!

BUT…and it is a big BUT!!! Once the games got under way we realised that maybe there was a reason for the poor attendance….the lines were worth £4.00 & the full house £10.00! The BIG game, that on an evening would have a house prize of perhaps £1000, was worth £9.60!!!!  I was in tears of laughter to think that we, & all the others there were so diligently marking our cards for a chance to win less than our entrance fee!!!

Anyhow, we did win two lines & shared £20.00 between us…my jacket potato was done to perfection….and we caught up on each others news while having a laugh! But then, before I knew it, it was time to collect the boys once more, tea has been prepared & eaten & here I am wondering where the day went!!!

So, to JYC…today’s prompt is about perfection….what makes a perfect Christmas? Here is the page I did in ‘08JYC page 4 resizeI hand wrote the journaling in silver, so in this photo it’s not easy to read…it say’s “…..and what is it that makes a perfect Christmas? Knowing that all will be ready on time…the house clean, the fridge full, presents wrapped, cards sent, the tree & decorations up & being able to enjoy the company of family & friends in a warm, comfortable & stress free environment!”

I’m off now to get my things together for tomorrows ‘Crafty Stash’ crop at Tempsford. The sneak peeks look fab & I just hope I’ve printed off the right photo’s for the job!!

So, until tomorrow..nite nite!!


Anonymous said...

love the thought of you al waiting for your big win. My blog is just a free one theme from wordpress the snowflakes appeared like majic on the first of december i'm pretty sure blogger do have the same snowflake thing.

Jocelyn said...

That is so cute....waiting for the Big WIN!!!!

Love the is so PERFECT!!! Made me feel all warm and cozy!!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Love ya!!! :-)