Monday, 18 May 2009

It's today!!!...........

HOLIDAY!!! It's here! A week in the sun to recharge my batteries! After two years of awful British summers & early family holidays, I haven't had a decent suntan for three years!! So I am abandoning my menfolk for seven days ( I hope they won't be too feral by the time I return!) and escaping with my sister for some girlie chilling time! Basically 'beach from sun up - sun down' followed by a nice dinner & a beer while watching the world go by, with maybe a bit of haggling at the weekly market thrown in for good measure!

So I won't be posting for a while! No I am not taking the laptop with me!! Catch up with you soon!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

CMD Week 2 Monday - Recipe Challenge............

So, it's week 2 of the CMD 'Be Happy' online crop & this weeks challenges are Recipes! Mondays challenge was set by Kristii to include 1. a PP Background 2. Ribbon 3. Hand stitching 4. a Button & 5. More than one Alpha. I managed to tick all of the boxes & here is my Layout:
These were photo's taken on a day in Autumn last year, when the sun was shining but the sky in the distance was slate grey & I just knew it would rain before long. Nathan, being stubborn, refused to wear a jacket as he went out on his bike to play! Sure enough, within the hour, we had a torrential downpour & he came in looking like a drowned rat!! Who says Mum isn't always right?!!!

I used 'masking' on this LO, a new technique for me, so I kept it low key, but I may try something more adventurous next time!! It was also another opportunity to use bits & bobs that have been in my stash for a while!!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Such a productive day............

After a week of neglecting the housework in favour of scrapping time (!!) I decided that Saturday must be a 'catch up' day. I set about the laundry while setting the breakfast table, emptying the dishwasher & wiping down the kitchen worktops to remove those tell tale traces of my boys late night snacks!! Talk about multi-tasking!!

I had just cleared away the breakfast dishes & was thinking about a shower when the doorbell rang! It was my good friend, Sue, with a beautiful bunch of lillies - for me!! A thank you gift from Kali & herself , as I was designated driver on the Friday we went out. Totally unnecessary but fully appreciated none the less! So embarrassing, though, to be caught still in my dressing gown!! I felt I had to explain that I had in fact been out of bed a couple of hours, & had actually been quite busy....!!!!

Anyhow, once clean & dressed, I set about sorting the boys clothes, a job I have been putting off. Both have outgrown so much of their wardrobe & I spent a good hour dividing things up into 'keepers' & 'charity shop' piles!

Now, anyone who read my post entitled 'Aaaaargh!!!!', will remember the photo of my youngest sons wardrobe, which had caused me so much frustration. Well, after my sorting it is in perfect order & half empty!!

His older brother's wardrobe took half the time to sort & I am ashamed to say that he is in desperate need of a top-up! He must have had a real growth spurt because 3/4 of the clothes he had are now too short!! He is so slim that they fit but his legs & arms protrude too far from trouser legs & sleeves!!!! I feel a trip to TK Maxx coming on!!!

Both are under threat, should their wardrobes become disarrayed - although I won't hold my breath!

The day continued with much industry!! I tidied & dusted & sorted & made ruthless decisions!! Stuff was packed away in the loft & I brought down the suitcase & hanging rail in readiness for some serious holiday packing!! In the afternoon, I stood & ironed the now dry laundry, and all was put away neatly - such a satisfying job! In the evening I sat & shortened two pairs of my trousers - bought weeks ago, but not worn yet as they were too long!!

All in all a very satisfying checklist of jobs done! Now I can pick up this weeks batch of Recipe LO challenges on CMD without guilt!!!!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

CMD Friday Scraplift Challenge...........

I can't believe I have completed FOUR layouts this week! This month long crop is just what I needed to fire up my scrapping mojo!!

Fridays challenge was set by Melina. Here is her layout

She is so photogenic!! Her layout always have the most amazing photo's! Anyway, here is my take
Again, my usual topic - my offspring! This photo was taken on a visit to Woburn Safari Park, last summer. The boys played hide & seek while we had our picnic lunch. Nathan hid in a bush & was so well camouflaged that Alex couldn't find him!! With his shirt & hair colour he blended in perfectly!!

I'm taking a break from the craft room today to catch up on household chores & start packing for my holiday, now only 9 days away!!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

CMD Wednesday Scraplift Challenge..........

Wednesdays Scraplift Challenge was set by Aimee, with this Layout

and here is my version

I love this photo of all the boys laughing together, perched on the railings at Brighton seafront. I also have such a backlog of stash that it was great to use things that have been languishing for months!! ie those seahorse/starfish/shell buttons & that orange frilly ribbon!!

I am thoroughly enjoying getting some scrapping time this week, but must admit to having a dustier house than is acceptable!!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

CMD Week 1 Scraplift challenge.........

Week 1 of Color Me Daisy's month long crop & this weeks challenges are scraplifts, with challenges set by the Daisy girls on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Here is the layout created by 'Mouseys Mom' (Gina) for Mondays challenge:

& my interpretation:

I am eagerly awaiting Wednesdays challenge!!!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

YAY!!! At last..........

At the risk of being a bore, I have to shout out loud that, this week, I HAVE LOST TWO AND A HALF POUNDS!!!!!!! WooooHooo!!! At last....all those good choices are beginning to pay off!!
All those healthy breakfasts, salads & resisting 'Rocky Road' ice cream (see 'Ouch!....')!! It feels goooood!!!

I am finally back to where I was before I got stuck & can now move on!! Now, I just need to hold on to the feeling & run (literally) with it!!!

Monday, 4 May 2009


I have a tale to that may raise a smile, but was less than amusing experience for me!!

As Alex has a variety of medical needs, I regularly stop off at our village pharmacy to pick up filled prescriptions. On Friday I stopped by & there was a young male pharmacist manning the shop, who I had not met before. On handing over the prescription, he asked me if I was Alex's Grandmother?!!!

I resisted the urge to laugh & then cry, instead, assuring the embarrassed young man that, no, I wasn't at all offended.(yeah right!) As soon as the script was filled I went home & sat in front of the mirror for a time, trying to see what he could see!! I'd always felt I was holding up pretty well, but maybe it's time to rethink!!

I regaled my girlfriends with the story at dinner on Friday evening, to much raucous laughter & reassurance, & one even had a tale to match:

Kali (my partner in crime at Slimming World!) & her husband were lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in New York last weekend, & were in the hotel restaurant for dinner. The waitress asked could she bring Kali some juice or soda with her meal. Kali said she would like a glass of wine & was asked if she really wanted to order wine 'in her condition'!!! Now, Kali's youngest has just started school - enough said!

Nothing like a night out with the girls to keep things in perspective, but maybe I will be using the old mascara wand & lip gloss on a more regular basis!!!

As the sun was still in evidence on Saturday, albeit accompanied by a stiff breeze, we did a very British thing & got out the barbecue!! Hubby, as tradition requires, took control of the cooking & sausages, chicken, ribs & burgers were soon sizzling away!

By the time I'd laid the table, tossed a salad & cut some bread, it was declared ready & we sat down to eat, although I have to admit to adding a couple of layers of clothing as the breeze developed into a bluster!! But at least it was dry!!! For dessert, Hubby had secretly bought a HUGE tub of Rocky Road ice cream, which I valiantly refused, in favour of a black coffee!! (when I'm good, I'm really, really good!!)

Once that was all cleared away, my menfolk settled in front of the TV & I escaped to my craft space to scrap!! Well, it was National Scrapbooking Day after all!! 'Color Me Daisy' are running a Month Long Crop & I had made note of their first challenge - 'Happiness' : What it means to me' or 'What makes me happy'. I spent a blissful couple of hours working on this layout!

The photo was taken on the day we brought Nathan home from the hospital, ten years ago!! Back when Alex was thrilled to have a baby brother, before they grew into the 'battling duo' they are today!!! But it's true you know, even through all the challenges & frustrations of family life, I wouldn't ever want to be without my lot - warts & all!!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Well, Mr Weatherman........ got that wrong!!!

Not that I'm complaining in the least! Having a 100% increase in the number of kids in the house after school yesterday, I was more than glad that they were able to get outside to play in sunshine! Alex put up his tent & they were all kept amused, inventing different games until it was time to eat.

They were able to eat 'Al Fresco' & I was glad I'd spent the time last week, preparing the garden furniture!

When I picked the boys up from school today, Alex had a surprise for me! He had made me a gift in his DT class. A drawstring bag which he had designed, tie-dyed & stitched himself! I am thrilled with it! As you can see it is personalised....and the car has REAL wheels!! I wonder where he gets his creative bent from?!!!
Well, I'm out to eat with the girls tonight! That'll get the Bank Holiday weekend off to a good start! It's (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow, so I'm hoping to actually get some scrapping in!!! The only thing is, if the sun shines tomorrow I just know I'll want be outside pottering in the garden!!

I'll just have to wait & see if the weatherman is wrong again tomorrow!!