Monday, 11 May 2009

Such a productive day............

After a week of neglecting the housework in favour of scrapping time (!!) I decided that Saturday must be a 'catch up' day. I set about the laundry while setting the breakfast table, emptying the dishwasher & wiping down the kitchen worktops to remove those tell tale traces of my boys late night snacks!! Talk about multi-tasking!!

I had just cleared away the breakfast dishes & was thinking about a shower when the doorbell rang! It was my good friend, Sue, with a beautiful bunch of lillies - for me!! A thank you gift from Kali & herself , as I was designated driver on the Friday we went out. Totally unnecessary but fully appreciated none the less! So embarrassing, though, to be caught still in my dressing gown!! I felt I had to explain that I had in fact been out of bed a couple of hours, & had actually been quite busy....!!!!

Anyhow, once clean & dressed, I set about sorting the boys clothes, a job I have been putting off. Both have outgrown so much of their wardrobe & I spent a good hour dividing things up into 'keepers' & 'charity shop' piles!

Now, anyone who read my post entitled 'Aaaaargh!!!!', will remember the photo of my youngest sons wardrobe, which had caused me so much frustration. Well, after my sorting it is in perfect order & half empty!!

His older brother's wardrobe took half the time to sort & I am ashamed to say that he is in desperate need of a top-up! He must have had a real growth spurt because 3/4 of the clothes he had are now too short!! He is so slim that they fit but his legs & arms protrude too far from trouser legs & sleeves!!!! I feel a trip to TK Maxx coming on!!!

Both are under threat, should their wardrobes become disarrayed - although I won't hold my breath!

The day continued with much industry!! I tidied & dusted & sorted & made ruthless decisions!! Stuff was packed away in the loft & I brought down the suitcase & hanging rail in readiness for some serious holiday packing!! In the afternoon, I stood & ironed the now dry laundry, and all was put away neatly - such a satisfying job! In the evening I sat & shortened two pairs of my trousers - bought weeks ago, but not worn yet as they were too long!!

All in all a very satisfying checklist of jobs done! Now I can pick up this weeks batch of Recipe LO challenges on CMD without guilt!!!!

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Lisa T. Howard said...

Ahhhh! How nice it feels to have household chores complete! My house is in complete disarray as my children have moved back from college. I'm hoping we can get things under control soon.