Thursday, 23 April 2009

St Georges Day Greetings...........

A day for English patriotism! I was pleased to see, as I drove around today, plenty of St Georges Crosses on houses & cars, & even being worn! So, Happy St Georges day!!
Another lovely day today, not quite as hot as yesterday but warm enough to dry six machine loads of washing! I spent all day outside working on the garden furniture.
We have a new 'drop leaf' table which will seat eight. So much better than our old round table which struggled to accommodate four! We have eight chairs, four of which were desperately grey & dirty! I used a gel to renovate them & each chair took about an hour to gel, sand & wash off, but the result was worth it! They now look clean, but still need a second coat of oil to bring the colour up to match the table!
Our other four chairs just need washing down & re-oiling, which I hope to get done tomorrow. I look forward to getting loads of use out of them all through the summer, weather permitting! I'm hoping for a dry Saturday to get the garden ship-shape! Hubby will cut the grass & I'll work on the borders & my 'Fruit Corner'!! I have a small apple tree, raspberries, blueberries, a grape vine & strawberries. Unfortunately my blackberry looks a bit sad, so not sure it'll produce much this year! I quite fancy trying to grow some potato's, so will need to look into that!!

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Lisa T. Howard said...

Have fun working outside! We are expecting beautiful weather here. Hope you have sunny skies as well!