Monday, 20 April 2009

Last day of the hols!

As today is last day of the Easter hols, I turned my back on housework (no change there then!!) this afternoon, & took Nathan, Alex & his school friend Aimee to the cinema to see 'Race to Witch Mountain'. I actually enjoyed the film as much as they did, especially as it stars Dwayne Johnson, formerly known as 'The Rock' - the only reason I used to stay in the room when the boys were watching the wrestling on TV!!

Afterwards we spent some time at Priory Park, feeding the ducks/geese/swans & generally enjoying the sunshine. We had planned to eat at the Priory Marina & sit outside, but they were closed for refurbishment, so we used plan B & went to Pizza Hut instead!!
After the 'relaxed' attitude to bedtime during the holidays, both boys complained when they were shepherded off to bed a 8.30pm. I've used the evening to organise 'stuff', so uniforms are laid out (thankfully they are now in polo shirts for the summer instead of collars & ties - so much simpler!!) & PE kits packed, just lunches to box up fresh in the morning!!

But do you know, it's only 5 weeks till they break up for half term!!!

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Julie said...

5 weeks yay!!!!! I am back to work today too and just stress too much at school. I am so relieved to have a day off. What a relaxing last day of holidays we had a quiet day here well I had one in school and one off till today.