Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring has sprung!!

This week has been so busy & what a difference a bit of sunshine makes! I feel as if my batteries have been recharged! The only down side is that I have been so busy that I logged on only once in 7 days!! It was great to hang washing out for the first time this year! It smells so much fresher than it does coming out of the tumble drier!
The piggies (all 4 of them!) are happy to have spent time in the run every day this week after wintering in the hutch! They look so funny the way they hop on all four legs with excitement, chattering away to each other!
I was inspired by the sunshine to clear the jungle that our back garden has become! Having spent the best part of 07/08 suffering with a frozen shoulder, my normally neat borders are a mass of brambles, & my 'climbers' were strangling everything! I set about my rambling roses & believe me, they fought back! I have the scars to prove it - too triffid like if you ask me!! Here is just one barrow load of clippings! I'm looking forward (weather permitting!) to enjoying our garden again this summer, & pottering!!
With all this outdoor activity I did manage a little scrapping! Still working to use my 'backlog' photo's, this layout is of Alex at four months!! He took to 'solids' so well & would eat everything I prepared & complained if I allowed to much time to elapse between spoonfuls! Oh! if it were only that easy now! Why are kids such fussy eaters?!!


Julie said...

Wonderful layout Sandi and what cute piggies you have.

Anna said...

I know just what you mean Sandi re the frozen shoulder and out of hand climbers and messy borders! I'm delegating my pruning this year and have DH doing it all (under instruction) :D

Love your LO - what a cutie! :)