Monday, 30 March 2009

Busy weekend & 1 hour shorter!!

A busy weekend, indeed! Got it off to a good start with a 'girls night out' - usually a meal out, we decided to be 'cheap & cheerful' this month as only four of us could make it & went to 'Club 2000' Bingo!! We didn't win anything but had such a fun time! I laughed till I cried & couldn't see the numbers on my card!! Such good therapy!!
I spent Saturday being ruthless & sorting out my wardrobe, drawers etc. By the end of the day I could see exactly what I had & had filled a bag for the charity shop & have a pile of stuff to list on ebay later this week!!
I was pleased to see that, at last, one of my chilli plants is ripening!! They have been sitting on the windowledge since January & last weeks sunshine seemed to bring out buds on all the plants! The 'Hungarian Hot Wax' & 'Mild Anahiem' varities are doing well, but the 'Jalapenos' are still just buds! I'm looking forward to using this one in a 'Pasta Arabiata'!!
I had an embaressing moment at work yesterday!! I crouched down to look in a cupboard, while serving a customer, & my right leg inside trouser seam split from crotch to knee!!! Ever the professional I completed the sale before adjourning to the 'Beauty Room' for some running repairs!! Needless to say it raised a laugh from my colleagues, but could have been so much worse!!!!
Sunday nights are cinema nights & I met my friend 'A' as usual. We grab a bowl of pasta before seeing whichever films start time suits! This way we see films we otherwise might not choose - not always a success, but last night we saw 'Knowing' & it was different to what we had expected, but enjoyable none the less!!
I've managed to grab some scrap time today, between never ending laundry & the general post weekend tidy up!! I had a list of challenges from the Daisy Girls on CMD that I'd planned to complete by month end but time got away from me (as well as the lost hour on Sunday morning!) & I've just managed one!! Kristii's altered photo challenge.
This photo is Alex at age 3 & Nathan at 6 months & I cut it as a jigsaw puzzle before sticking it down 'uncompleted'. I wanted to keep this LO simple as the photo is quite colourful, so just stamped a border, adding gems at the corners, & apart from the alpha's, just added two grungeboard hearts, painted & edged with stickles.
Well, it's weigh in at Slimming World tomorrow (!!!) so will update my progress later this week!!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Today is 'Vote Earth Day'

For 2009, 'Earth Hour' has been transformed into the worlds first Global election between Earth & Global Warming. Vote 'Earth' by simply switching off your lights for one hour between 8.30pm - 9.30pm today, Saturday 28 March 2009.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Mum's the word!!

This Saturday we woke again, to glorious spring sunshine (Yay!). I managed to grab some scrapping time, in between pegging out laundry & continued pruning in the garden!! Still using photo's from the past, I completed this double layout of a trip to Paris I took with my sister in 1993 - pre motherhood! I have been sitting on this Anna Griffin paper & pack of Paris themed stickers for months!

Another Layout long overdue! Nathan at 18 months, he was so cute at this age & a real Mum's boy!! I love this sequence of photo's of him with his 'little RC' car! This little baseball outfit was a gift from a friend who lives in the US & made him look like a character from Charlie Brown!

As a 'Sunday only' worker, Mothers day is always too brief for me!! I was up & out to work this Sunday before my menfolk had properly surfaced, but on returning home at 6pm-ish, I was totally spoilt. My boys had each prepared a handmade card & Nathan had made a papier mache vase (painted black with a red heart). I also had parcels to unwrap & they revealed a soft toy monkey (Nathan is known as 'monkey boy'!), a web-cam (!!), & a LARGE box of Maltesers (my attempt at pre holiday weight loss is doomed!!). I was then taken out for a pub meal so didn't have to cook - heaven!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Spring has sprung!!

This week has been so busy & what a difference a bit of sunshine makes! I feel as if my batteries have been recharged! The only down side is that I have been so busy that I logged on only once in 7 days!! It was great to hang washing out for the first time this year! It smells so much fresher than it does coming out of the tumble drier!
The piggies (all 4 of them!) are happy to have spent time in the run every day this week after wintering in the hutch! They look so funny the way they hop on all four legs with excitement, chattering away to each other!
I was inspired by the sunshine to clear the jungle that our back garden has become! Having spent the best part of 07/08 suffering with a frozen shoulder, my normally neat borders are a mass of brambles, & my 'climbers' were strangling everything! I set about my rambling roses & believe me, they fought back! I have the scars to prove it - too triffid like if you ask me!! Here is just one barrow load of clippings! I'm looking forward (weather permitting!) to enjoying our garden again this summer, & pottering!!
With all this outdoor activity I did manage a little scrapping! Still working to use my 'backlog' photo's, this layout is of Alex at four months!! He took to 'solids' so well & would eat everything I prepared & complained if I allowed to much time to elapse between spoonfuls! Oh! if it were only that easy now! Why are kids such fussy eaters?!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ah! The smell of fresh varnish in the morning!

Yesterday dawned a beautiful spring morning, so I set off to our nearest branch of Ikea. As any crafter will tell you, you can never have too much work surface so I was on a mission to buy another desktop & legs to increase my craftspace! Once my mission was accomplished I returned home to rearrange furniture & make room for my new desk.

An unforseen development was to move a chest of 'natural pine' drawers out of the room which is my craftspace into our bedroom, in which all the furniture is 'antique pine'. I spent a very therapeutic two hours sanding & colour varnishing said drawers, so they would be dry & ready to move this morning! The things I do for an extra metre or so of craft space!!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I need a kick up the backside!!

I went along to my Slimming World group this morning to find that for the third week in a row I had stayed at the same weight! I started this years weight loss programme on January 6th & did well for the first few weeks, but seem to have lost momentum!! Two rounds of birthday cake & the accompanying festivities haven't helped - not to mention the Valentines day gift from my Hubby of what looked like my bodyweight in Maltesers!! So, I really do need a kick up the backside if I'm to achieve my first target of two stone off for my holiday in May, ten weeks away now & only seven pounds down!! I'm going to sign off now & get on the treadmill for a half hours power walking!!!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Well here goes....!!

It has only taken me ten weeks to fulfill my New Years Resolution to set up a blog! After 'following' one or two scrapbook related blogs, I have been inspired to have a go!!
After a busy week celebrating two birthdays, my younger sons 10th & my Hubby's, our house is still festooned with balloons, streamers & birthday cards! (Thankfully the cake has all gone!!) I escaped on Saturday to an all day crop at Redbourn, where I completed this LO using the crop kit. It helps with another New Years resolution to work on reducing my backlog of older photo's. This LO features my elder son, Alex, at 14 months, who will become a teenager in August!! Need I say more!!