Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter….

I’m just sneaking in before Easter is over!! I do hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

Easter Bunny   I was greeted at the 
   breakfast table by a fan
   arrangement of my
   Bunnies! Lee had actually
   bought me a box of 32!!
   Thankfully he has them
   under lock & key & I’m to
   be rationed!!! ;D

SpringIt’s now British Summertime (!!) & I think maybe there are one or two signs in the garden that Spring is on its way!!

These little Daffodils pushed their way up through the snow & have now opened just in time for Easter & the first bit of Spring sunshine…even if it is barely above zero with a biting Easterly wind!!


St Patricks dinnerSince my last post I’ve celebrated St Patricks day with the girls…two of them are Irish & one hosted an evening with a menu of Irish stew, beef in Guinness, baked potato’s & soda bread!

The dress code was green & a good time was had by all…we always laugh so much that I end up in tears!!

Marti Pellow

   I also got to see Marti Pellow
   in concert last Sunday night. I
   went on my own but had the
   BEST seat in the place!! He has
   a truly amazing voice. He sang
   mostly songs from stage &
   screen but in the second half
   snuck in ‘Goodnight Girl’ & ‘Love
   is all around’ from the Wet Wet
   Wet songbook!!  I love live
   music/theatre & just wish it
   wasn’t quite so expensive!!

Eye test
Alex has had a busy week with his quarterly Diabetes clinic & his annual sight test. At the hospital they wanted to discuss the possibility of his having an insulin pump fitted. He went into shutdown mode & would not even talk about it!! It is so difficult as he is so resistant to any kind of change!

But his sight test revealed no change so that was good news!

I managed to harvest the impressive (not!) crop of THREE whole chilli peppers we’ve managed to grow on the kitchen windowsill & used them in a new recipe I found for Creole pie…

pepper 1Pepper2

…it was delicious & we could certainly taste the fire from the chillies!!

Cake!   Nathan raised a smile
   this week with his DT
   cookery item! Somehow
   he mixed up the fats &
   sugars for the sponge &
   the filling & ended up
   using only half the fat
   but twice the sugar (to
   explain, he included the
   icing sugar meant for the
   buttercream in with the
sponge mix!!) that the recipe required! It looked OK….& it tasted just fine!! But I still want to know where the teacher was while this masterpiece was being mixed!!

with NannyWe also had a whistle-stop visit from Mum-In-Law & her gentleman friend as they were returning from a reunion in Cambridge last weekend.  It was so lovely to see her & grab the photo opportunity with the boys! She couldn’t get over how her two ‘Little Angels’ are both now taller than she is & how deep their voices sound!!

I have to share a silly photo with you….Lee came into my craft room this morning to ask ‘did I think he needed a haircut?’  What do you think?

Need a haircut

   It’s a good job it’s love
   is all I can say!!

   I’ll leave it there for now
   & I’ll be back soon with
   a new FS2S challenge
   for April!
   Thanks for stopping by
   & come back soon! Open-mouthed smile


Maria Ontiveros said...

Happy Easter to you!

scrappyjacky said...

There's signs of Spring here as well....someone needs to tell the weather though!!!
Glad you enjoyed the concert....DD and I saw Bon Jovi in Hyde Park 10 years ago and wanted to go again this summer....until we saw the price....£175!!!!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you have been having fun! Happy belated Easter my dear friend! xoxo - Lisa

Ladkyis said...

Tell him no, he doesn't need a hair cut until it flops over his eyes!
I love the picture!

Sian said...

Haircuts! Argh!!

I'm here on a big post Easter catch up and you have - yet again - put a smile on my face with that picture of your St Patrick's Day party. If I could send you some Guinness ice cream I would because it looks like it would have gone down a treat!