Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy St David’s Day…

st_davids_day_greeting_card_welsh-p137253050776110845b26lp_400Born & bred in Hereford, right on the border between England & Wales, March 1st was always a day for daffodils & dragons!! School assembles were themed for St David & leeks were on the menu at lunch!! I consider myself English but you can’t live cheek-by-jowl with the very high Welsh population of my home city without enjoying the celebration of their patron saint! So, to all my Welsh friends, have a great day!

1 The Secret Garden movie poster   The first of the month also means
   it’s challenge time over at
   ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’ & this
   months movie poster for your
   interpretation is ‘The Secret
   Garden’. The added criteria to
   include are…

   1. A garden photo or photo’s
   2. A flower cluster
   3. A garden decoration (seat, arch,
       birdbath, swing, fountain etc)

…& here’s my interpretation…

2 Imagination 
It features a photo taken just a couple of months after we moved into our current home (hence the unfinished fence staining!), which is almost nine years ago!! The garden was just plain turf & the boys were happily occupied playing with the large cardboard boxes from ‘the move’!! It’s not a particularly good photo in the traditional sense, which made it all the more gratifying to scrap! It’s a happy memory!

So how will you interpret the poster? I’d love for you to play along with us this month…& remember the added criteria for extra points!! 

Thanks for stopping by & come back soon Open-mouthed smile


Sian said...

It brings back lovely memories for me too - we had a cozy coupe rolling about on our new turf when we moved in here too! Lovely page.

Sandra said...

It's fun to scrap a photo that brings back such happy memories :)